Legalized Gambling on College Sports

4 April 2015
This paper introduces and discusses the legalization of gambling on college sports in Nevada to support higher education.

A brief argumentative paper which presents the views of sports colleges in Nevada wanting to allow for legalized gambling on its campus. The paper shows that even though gambling is legal throughout the State, if legislation comes into effect, it could put an end to gambling on campus all together. The writer examines the pros and cons of such a law.
“In Nevada sports books, gambling on college sports is currently allowed for every team in the nation, except Nevada’s own college teams. Legislators have proposed new laws that would outlaw gambling on any college sports. This would affect Nevada’s economy in a wide variety of ways.

Legalized Gambling on College Sports Essay Example

“For the year 2001, total gaming revenue in the State of Nevada totaled $9,468,598,681. Of that total, “More than one-half of total General Fund [$105.85 million] spending is targeted for education. Of that, $1.2 billion represents the State’s General Fund obligation to the Distributive School Account, the funding mechanism through which State monies are distributed to school districts (Comeaux). The amount budgeted for education in the 2001-2003 biennium is $2,000.3 million dollars, half of which is $1,000,150, which is 10.5 percent of the annual gaming revenue.

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