Legalizing Marijuana

9 September 2016

Legalizing Marijuana What would happened if our government decided to legalize marijuana and tax it? Wouldn’t it be a huge change in our country, especially since America is still in debt? Legalizing marijuana can reduce the amount of American money going to international criminal gangs and increase our own economy. We could make enough money to get out of debt and provide needed and generous funding of many important criminal justice and social programs.

Legalizing Marijuana will not just make money for our government, but SAVE money for our government. Legalization this drug won’t just help our economy but it could have some medical value and effect on our agricultural products and law enforcements. The hemp plant is a valuable natural resource. If marijuana were to be legalized, there would be no more confusion about hemp and it could allow this country to take advantage of hemp’s industrial and agricultural uses.

Legalizing Marijuana Essay Example

Countries such as Canada, have been able to support legal hemp cultivation without making marijuana legal; however, in the U.S. opposition to legal marijuana is still the biggest problem to development of industrial hemp as a valuable agricultural product. The United States energy policy still continues to promote and encourage the development of bio-fuels as an alternative to oil dependency and also as a way to decrease carbon emissions. It is very essential to develop industrial hemp as a bio-fuel source, especially because the use of hemp acts as a fuel source and it will not increase the price of food such as corn, nor will food demands rise.

I believe that law enforcement has many more important responsibilities than arresting thousands of people each year for possession of marijuana. Especially knowing how expensive the positioning of each of these cases costs. Arresting individuals for marijuana possession is not only wasting jail space, but also clogging up courts systems. Marijuana arrests makes fairness in the United States less important and more expensive. Not only is it wasting law enforcements time, it is also diverting time of attorneys, police, and judges away from real problems in the world such as violent crimes, terrorism, children sexual abuse, etc.

The econometric literature shows that when prices for drugs go down, the use of the drug goes up. (Grossman, 2005). The U. S. is currently spending billions of dollars every year chasing peaceful people who love getting high. These peaceful individuals end up in prison and taxpayers are the ones paying for all of it. This is extremely expensive! As if we did not have enough to pay for already. If marijuana was legalized, the government could be able to collect taxes on it, and sufficient money to pay for effective drug education programs or other essential causes.

Use of marijuana has many positive attributes such as its medical value and as a recreational drug with mild side effects. Many individuals have decided that marijuana is good for them, especially the people that are suffering from a variety of serious illnesses, and that is their main reason on why they use it. It provides relief from spasticity, nausea, pain, and other symptoms for many people who haven’t been treated successfully with other medications that were prescribed to them. It is also known to stimulate appetite and relive nausea in cancer and AIDS patients (mjlegal. org).

Individuals have personal observations that the drug has a low dependence liability and has side effects that are easy to manage. Users of marijuana that haven’t developed tolerance to the side effects, simply decide to stop using the drug, making in a non-addictive drug. Marijuana could prevent people from drinking alcohol as much as they do because in a recent study, many adults prefer marijuana to alcohol as a moderate and mild way to relax and feel calm. The benefits of use greatly outweigh the risks, especially since the greatest risk of using the drug is the low risk of arrest.

Despite the threat of getting arrested and a variety of other punishments, marijuana users have continued to support legalization for over a generation. There have been very great attempts to legalize and prohibition still continues. However, prohibition has failed to silence marijuana users and their quest for fairness and legalization. Marijuana is a great way to make money more America because hemp is a valuable agricultural product. It will allow people to relax without feeling anxious because of the possibility of being arrested for it.

Since American users believe in the fundamental values of society, they refuse to give up on their long search for justice. They know the great benefits of this drug and they are determined to accomplish legalization and stand up to the injustice of marijuana probation, no matter what it takes or long it takes to succeed.

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