Legally Blonde The Musical

12 December 2019

Admit it. We all loved “Legally Blonde” the movie, but now, it’s a Broadway hit! When I heard “Broadway is going Blonde,” as the many advertisements claimed, I couldn’t hide my excitement. As soon as the soundtrack came out on iTunes, I bought it! The first song is “Omigod You Guys,” so it’s obviously not a serious show. The peppy, slightly cheesy lyrics will either make you laugh in embarrassment or jump up and dance. You’ll also find “So Much Better,” which happens when Elle discovers she has landed an internship with her professor and realizes she isn’t at Harvard for her ex-boyfriend anymore. Instead she’s there for herself, and she doesn’t need to prove she’s serious to anyone. The album is packed with 18 funky, modern songs that are not your typical Broadway ballads. They even made the “Bend and Snap” into a song. “Legally Blonde” is the perfect soundtrack for any musical-lover, or if you’re looking for something new. Even though the tone of the songs is somewhat upbeat, they still touch your heart. You will feel connected to Elle and her struggle to find herself, as she realizes that life isn’t always going to be, well, pink. I love this album and I think all Elle-lovers will find themselves rooting for her when listening to her musical journey. I highly recommend it to any girl who just got out of a relationship and is having a hard time with her self-image. The songs reflect the theme “I am my own person,” and I absolutely love that. So, get “Legally Blonde The Musical” soundtrack today. You won’t regret it!

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