Lemon Grass and Garlic as an Organic Insecticide

6 June 2017

Herbal Armor Insect Repellent . Just spray on an insect and you will see the results. Many insecticides are made today. And most of them are made with toxic chemicals which can herm the environment. This product that we made is sate and good tor our environment since there are no toxic chemicals it is cheap and easy to make and also to use. Statement of the Problem 1 _ Is this effective on Insects? 2. What will happen to the insects because of the insecticide? 3. What will happen to the plants If It Is used on them? . Is it sate on plants? 5. What kind of Insects will It kill? Hypothesis 1. Yes it is 2_ The Insects will be killed 3. The plants will not get damaged and it will be insect-free. 4. Yes. 5. It can kill ants. flies, mosquitos. and cockroaches. objective To produce insecticide out of Lemon grass is our objective. In order to create natural mixture this can kill Insects.

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Lemon Grass and Garlic as an Organic Insecticide
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Because It Is natural, It cannot harm our environment unlike other insect killers which can also harm our environment.

Significance ot the study The researchers have made this organic Insect killer out of Lemon grass to create an environment friendly substance. Since, our environment is at stake because of ollutions. One of these pollutions Is on dlr. If you haven’t noticed our planet Is deteriorating because ot this. And one otthe causes ot air pollutions is the insecticides and pesticides which have harmful chemicals. We all know that most of the Insectlcldes and pesticides used today contain those harmful chemicals.

To lessen the problem of air pollution, the researchers have made this organic Insecticide. scope AND LIMITATION This study focused on the insecticidal effect ot Garlic (Allium sativum) and Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) on insects. The materials used were Just gathered Our product is all organic and since it is safe to use and effective it is a great replacement on those toxic insecticide. Lemon grass is the main ingredients of our product. Lemon grass has an oil that can help kill insects.

That’s why this project is much of use to you especially when it comes to gardening. Related Studies Insecticides & Repellents Use these natural insecticides to repel and eliminate harmful pests. The following categories of products use botanicals or plant extracts that are applied to plant foliage. Natural insecticides combat insects upon contact or through ingestion. Use as part of an Integrated Pest Management program which includes traps for monitoring and capturing pests and beneficial insects and organisms to control pests in their developing stages.

Enhancing fertility programs with natural fertilizers ands oil amendments will increase plants health and resistance to all types of pests in your home or garden including weeds and diseases. Methodology Materials Lemon grass Garlic Eucalyptus Oil Olive oil Spray bottle Funnel Stainless steel pot Procedure Boil the Lemon grass crush and distill the garlic add the other essential oils. Observation Base on my observation the experimentation was found out that the solution is effective insect killer. It only took minutes before the insect died.

Summary of Findings/Conclusion In this project the researchers have formulated an organic insecticide which is effective on all sorts of insects. In there search we have done we have come to this point which we have learned and discovered that what we have made is very much effective. The trials and research proves that this product can be of good use especially on your garden. With this organic insecticide you can now take care of your arden the natural way without using those other insecticides that contain toxic chemicals which can help lessen your problem towards those insects but can also destroy or environment.

Because of this product you can now protect your garden from certain insects but you can also lessen the problem of our environment because of this product. Recommendation More than 1,000 Filipino people die in a year because of dengue. This has been a big issue in our society, specially, on the health of our young once that has been resolve. Now, the time has come to slowly put and to this deadly insects. Now invention has occurred to be made to reduce the population of dengue causing mosquitos.

We would like to recommend our newest contribution to our society to reduce and may avoid the cause of dengue. Were commend this product not only to our fellow students but also to everyone so that they could use this as an alternative for it is not harmful to our health for it is made out of Lemon grass. Easy to make, cheaper than the others, good for the health and environmental friendly, that is what our vinegar and ginger insecticide repellent is. It is proven to be effective and quality base as well.

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