Lemonade by Beyonce

12 December 2019

When her visual album, “Lemonade,” took the world by storm, Beyonce showed us yet again why she slays. Earlier this year, she released her single “Formation,” marking a new chapter in her career and sparking controversy about her perspective on being African American. She no longer concerns herself with appealing to every mainstream consumer; instead, she boldly forges her own path. “Lemonade” is a strikingly genuine window into Beyonce’s ethnicity and her precarious relationship with husband, Jay-Z. Her album has countless glowing reviews on iTunes, as expected. But all of Beyonce’s success got me thinking: What is the secret to her success? What makes her an international sensation? Then, I realized the three defining characteristics that make Beyonce so popular: her passion, her relatability, and her flawless presentation.
I will forever applaud Beyonce’s unique ability to strike a balance between usual pop and individualistic masterpieces. Sure, numerous songwriters contribute to her music. However, many of her works stem from an intimate, personal part of her life. Take the song “Blue,” for example, about her immense love for her daughter, Blue Ivy. Her ballad “Pretty Hurts” makes a moving statement about society’s oppressive beauty standards. “Flawless” includes a section of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk, “We Should All Be Feminists.”
Beyonce fearlessly initiates conversations about a multitude of controversial topics, including race and gender. This is a complicated task, yet she accomplishes it beautifully. In her more commentative songs, many lines gracefully drop mini truth bombs about our society. Occasionally, her lyrics are blunt and remorseless. These are the times that critics rush to reject her music. Fortunately, Beyonce remains proud and passionate, confidently standing by her music. I am extremely grateful for this powerful woman who instigates critical conversations that we would otherwise avoid.
I have always looked to Beyonce’s music for rejuvenation after a rough day; she has the distinctive ability to pick me up and remind me that everything is all right. If I feel nostalgic, I listen to “Blue.” If I am feeling carefree, I listen to “XO.” “7/11” always gets me hyped up, no matter the day of the week. Of course, “Formation” is an essential part of my morning, along with “Love on Top.” Whatever my mood, Beyonce captures my emotions flawlessly.
Scrolling through her body of work, I admire its limitless variety, everything from sentimental to vengeful. This multiplicity ensures that I can find the perfect song any time. But why does Beyonce’s relatability matter? She gives her listeners a sense of belonging and reminds them that they are not alone. Even though a song may appear insignificant, it can easily become the soundtrack to someone’s life. She constantly encourages, inspires, and empowers us. Think back to a time when one of your favorite songs played over and over in your head. Sure, it may have been a bit irritating, but it probably cheered you up and brightened your day. Beyonce’s music always does this for me. I treasure the relatability of her music because, like the beat of a song, it guides and grounds me.
Beyonce, as we all know, is flawless. She woke up flawless. She will always be flawless. Think about it. She is a singer, dancer, model, mother, philanthropist, feminist, and advocate. Pretty impressive. Sure, she is not perfect, but she is pretty close. No matter what we pursue in life, we can look to Beyonce as a role model. Her flawlessness should be an inspiration to us all.
Now, you may be tired of my obsessing over Beyonce, but understand that it is with reason. She is a global icon who stands for social change, equality, and unapologetic individuality. Her success is due to her passion, her relatability, and her overall flawlessness. So, I leave you all with this foolproof proverb: Be Beyonce.

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