12 December 2018

Hot summer days with the sun shining and the people sweating. They’re thirsty for something cold with flavor. What’s better than fresh lemonade from a little girl at a simple lemonade stand? Nothing, is the answer. Everyone falls for the cute kids on the sidewalk with their stand. Personally, I was the prime lemonade seller in the neighborhood with my perfect corner location and my just-right prices. Many of my neighbor friends down the street didn’t get nearly as much attention as my stand. In fact, I probably had a lemonade stand at least twice a week. I had skills and tricks like no other to round up all the customers.

Six years old with a broken arm, every mother who drove by felt bad and had to stop. They knew what I wanted and that was their money. “Half the proceeds go to the Humane Society” was my other way to get the neighbors. They knew their money was going somewhere in need of donations and I kept my word. Either that day or the next I’d make my drive to the shelter and drop off the money. I had rather good marketing techniques with my use of advertising. Signs all around the neighborhood and at my stand. I even made up songs to grab their attention. “Get your lemonade today, if you buy it you won’t regret it…” was just one, which made them really look around. Sometimes the lemonade would go to fast and I would need to bring in some extra reinforcements. Having multiple beverages at a lemonade stand really adds some diversity. One particular time I even sold popsicles, which other kids truly raved over.

These various techniques that I developed at such a young age are how I will be successful in future business careers. As I grew older my skills developed and matures into better skills. Marketing and advertising is still something that I need in everyday life for either school or work. You could say that lemonade was where I had my start in the work force.

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