Lennie of Mice and Men

2 February 2017

Most people always have an innocence to them, some more than others. Those that hurt people intentionally and don’t care about other people’s feelings may not have that innocence. Lennie if Of Mice and Men by George Stienbeck is the biggest kid around. Problem with him being a so called kid is that he’s actually a rather large grown man. People say he should be locked up in a looney house, he’s never going to be of any use or do well in life. Well should he? He doesn’t mean any harm. Lennie in this novel always acts like a child and never means the harm that he accidently causes. Lennie is a grown man but really just a child at heart.

He’s a big man, could kill you with a flick, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly even if told to. “Jesus” said Slim, “He’s jes like a kid, ain’t he. ” (43). Anyone with a heart that wasn’t bitter could see through Lennie’s exterior, and could see an innocent child at heart. Lennie likes to touch soft things, just don’t score him while he’s petting it. “I could pet it with my thumb while we walked along. ” (6). Lennie said. “I jus wanted to pet ‘um a little. ” Maybe Lennie liked to pet and touch soft things because he had an obsession with soft things in his childhood. Just a big kid that liked soft things.

Lennie of Mice and Men Essay Example

Lennie never meant to hurt people or animals. Lennie accidently hurt and scared people, but he never meant to cause that. “I didn’t mean no harm, George. Honest, I didn’t. ” (43). Said Lennie. “I don’t want ta hurt you. ” (91). Lennie most likely never meant to cause harm, pain, or sorrow, it was always unintentional. Lennie always felt bad when he hurt someone, he didn’t mean to harm them. He knew when he had done something bad, he knew George was going to be mad at him for it. Whispered in fright, “I done a bad thing. I done another bad thing. ”(41). Said Lennie. “Ain’t you gonna give me hell George? ” (103).

Lennie felt bad about the accidents he caused. He knew had done bad. He knew he was going to get in trouble for it. Lennie never meant any harm, and when he did cause harm he always felt bad and guilty. Things take a twist for the worst when the inner child causes unintentional harm. Of Mice and Mens Lennie never meant to harm. Those that did not like Lennie didn’t have a heart or the innocence. He could have done well in life, if people just gave him a fair chance instead of judging. See things the way Lennie does, the innocent way. Lennie is innocent, is just a big kid, and never means the pain he accidently causes.

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