Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebooks

4 April 2015
Author’s possible purposes (including publication). Looking at its contents, missing parts, order and secretive handwriting.

Leonardo had several purposes in writing the manuscripts that are known as his notebooks. It would be difficult to make a complete list of every subject that he addressed in them, but the briefest list shows his reasons for writing. The pages include plans for books to be written, notes on Latin (which he did not study until he was over 40), notes on anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany and optics, lists of his own notebooks, speculations on proportion, observations of natural phenomenon, numerous speculations about the movement of water, long passages from books he had read, lists of words he had learned, mathematics he was learning, designs for machines and weapons, calculations of various kinds, reminders of questions he wanted to ask, ideas about painting, jokes and riddles he had been told, and sketches related to almost all these subjects. Clearly the..
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