Leone Nelly Sachs

4 April 2015
An analysis of Leone Nelly Sachs, one of the greatest poets of the 20th century.

The following paper examines the life and history of Leone Nelly Sachs, a poet, author and playwright in the 1900’s and winner of the Nobel Peace for literature with the Israeli novelist and short story writer S.Y. Agnon. The writer discusses Sachs’ experiences in the second world war, where she was sent to concentration camps and lost all her family. This paper discusses her poems, plays and dramatic fragments published in post-war years as a “mute outcry” against the Holocaust.
“Nelly Sachs was almost fifty years old when she reached Sweden. She shared a two-bedroom apartment with her mother on the third floor of a building. Nelly Sachs was now in a country where she did not know the language, tied to the home by the need to look after her old, weak mother. This meant that letter-writing was often her only contact with the outside world; at first with Swedish intellectuals who broke the usual reserved attitude and made personal efforts in connection with the refugees. Sachs was able to make a modest living supporting herself and her mother while in exile in Sweden by translating the works of Swedish poets Gunnar Ekelf, Erik Lindegren and Johannes Edfelt into German. She eventually published several successful volumes of her translations. She also became a Swedish citizen.”

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