Lesson plan in english

8 August 2016

Story telling (Short Story — “A Fishing Trip” by Douglas Schnorr. > Before telling the story, the teacher indicates the author of the story) > During the story telling, the teacher points out and give emphasis to the words in past forms. > After telling the story, the teacher may be asked by pupils or pupils will be asked by teacher for further discussion of the thoughts of the story being told. – Introduction of the Subject Matter > Teacher introduces the subject matter.

The teacher states that verbs can tell about activities happened in the past. > The teacher explains thoroughly that for the regular verbs, -ed, -d, -ied can be added to the base form of the verb to express past action. > The teacher explains that for irregular verbs, -ed, -d, -ied cannot be added to the base form of the verb, but some verbs have the same base and past forms of the verb, there are changes in the verb (pronunciation).

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And the few have a completely different and the same base forms to denote past action.

The teacher stresses the differences between past and present forms of the verb. ? The teacher, in every activity. Gives more examples and illustrations to make sure that pupils understand. c. SKILL BUILDING ACTIVITIES i. Whole class work • The teacher lets the class read the story in chorus as a drill to check pupils’ reading skills (pronunciation, intonation…) • The teacher reads the difficult words and lets her pupils repeat after her. ii. Small Group Work/Pair work Activities

The teacher, using the flashcards with words on their past and present forms, asks pupils to read and use the words in sentence to be written on the board. • The teacher asks pupils to change the sentences from past form to present form, and present form to past form to see really the difference in forms and uses. iii. Teacher-Task • The teacher discussed further the subject matter and may ask pupils questions to check if they understand the lesson or not, especially on the irregular verbs. iv. Student-Task d. Closure/ Debriefing

The teacher divides the class into two groups. Using the two bases labeled past form and present form, the teacher facilitates a game that would measure if children were able to comprehend lesson presented, and develop the sense of cooperation and leadership in them. The teacher gives the flashcards to each group. The members determine if the verb written in the cards is in the past or present form. Each group should have participants or representative every round. The first group to fill the boxes is the winners.

After the game, the teacher conducts a 5-term quiz. She lets her pupils choose 5 words from the game and use in sentences (the words can be either in the present of past form). VI. ENRICHMENT ? After the quiz, the teacher asks pupils to write in a paragraph form their past summer experience or their most unforgettable summer experience by using the past forms of the verb, and the next day, let the pupils share their work to their classmates as a review on the past lesson (about the past forms of the verb) before moving on to the next lesson.

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