Lester B. Pearson Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Lester B. Pearson Born 23 of April 1897 died 27 of December 1972. Lester B Pearson was one of the greatest Canadians of all time. During his life. he was a professor. historian. civil retainer. and a politician. he was besides really talented at athleticss. and doing friends. He was born to Annie Sarah. and Edwin Arthur Pearson. who was a church curate.

At the age of 16 he graduated from Hamilton Collegiate Institute. and in the same twelvemonth studied at Victoria College. at the University of Toronto ( UofT ) . but in 1914 his yearss spent at UofT were interupted during the first eruption of WW1. He enlisted in the Canadian Army as a private. Since he was merely 18 he was excessively immature to function in combat. so alternatively he served 2 old ages in the medical corps in Balkan before he was switched over to the British Royal Flying Corps as a commissioned Flight Lieutenant. During an accident in flight preparation in 1918. Pearson was injured. He was so transferred to Canada in. and later that twelvemonth. discharged from the service.

Lester B. Pearson Essay Sample Essay Example

During his life-time. Lester B. Pearson recieved multiple honours and awards such as ; being appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and besides appointed to the Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth ll. Probably the most good known accomplishment Lester B. Pearson has earned is the The Nobel Peace Prize. In 1956 he organized the United Nations Emergency Force to decide the Suez Canal Crisis. The choice commission for the Nobel Peace Prize stated the Pearson had saved the universe. The United Nations Emergency Force was foremost assembled by Lester B. Pearson in 1956 to decide the Suez Canal Crisis.

In 1948 Lester B. Pearson was selected by Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent as Secretary of State for External personal businesss in the Broad Government. Not long after. he won a place in the Canadian House of Commons. In 1963 Lester B. Pearson was elected Prime Minister of Canada. his term as Prime Minister lasted 5 old ages. He ne’er had bulk in the Canadian house of parks. although. he managed to convey in Canada’s cosmopolitan wellness attention. the Canada Pension Plan. and Canada Student Loads. He besides established a new flag for our state. the maple foliage. On top of all those major societal plans we have here in Canada. he besides introduced the 40 hr work hebdomad. two hebdomads holiday and a new minimal pay.

If he had non become Canada’s premier curate. Lester B. Pearson would still be a important figure in Canadian history as the lone Canadian to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. During his restless and reasonably brief old ages in office. his authoritiess transformed the manner Canada is today. From cosmopolitan wellness attention. to minimal pay. Other states may wonder at how Lester B. Pearson intuitive head shaped this state to be the manner it is today. But they will ne’er be able to animate his pride. his will to do Canada the greatest state on Earth.

Lester B. Pearson created this for a better hereafter for all of us.

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