Let It Enfold You by Senses Fail

7 July 2019

Senses Fail is and will always be my favorite band. This band is a mostly hardcore, rock & partiall screamo band. Let It Enfold You is an amazing album full of killer songs! Every song has a real meaning behind it unlike most of the mainstream music that is on todays radio. One of the really cool things about this band is they always record in a barn as their studio. Yes, that sounds absolutley stupid but it makes them seem more like regular people because they have a lot of money but they choose to not spend it on stupid things. They have been on Warped Tour several times and have a kind of rivalry to the band Brokencyde. Senses Fail is coming out with their first album since “Still Searching” and it’s called “The Fire”. The album comes out this month and i would HIGHLY recommend buying it. One single track that can be listened to on their website sensesfail.

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com is called Saint Anthony. SENSES FAIL IS AMAZING.

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