Let it Go by The Crowns

11 November 2018

I have recently discovered this band called The Crowns, an unsigned rock band from the Netherlands, and as soon as I heard their song, “Let it Go”, I instantly loved it. I first found out about them, after they sent me a message on youtube, saying hey we are a new band, check out our songs. I was unsure of how well this band was, but decided to check them out anyways. I saw the video, and was amazed!

The song starts out with a fast and cool little guitar riff, and the rest of the band comes in from there. The song is really fast paced, but you can still groove to the music. The song sounds similar to other bands I have heard, but at the same time, it is very original.

The Crowns have begun to make their own sound, and are ready to be heard. They are new, and different, but definitely a band to keep your eye on. I hope to see them make it, and would hope to see them play live, but as many of us know, the music business is difficult to get into. I wish this band luck, and hope that you like them as well!

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