Let Me Come Over

9 September 2019

Buffalo Tom – “Let Me Come Over”

It seems that luck has graced Boston all throughout 1992 (in the music scene, that is). And luck need not be a lady, especially when it comes in the sound of “Let Me Come Over” by Buffalo Tom. It is safe to say in all my listening and reviewing of tapes that there hasn’t been an album like this. “Taillights Fade” is the sublime work of a potential musical genius. The lyrics are haunting and grim (“Sister can you hear me now/Ringing in your ears/I’m down on the ground/My luck’s been dry for years/I’m lost in the dark/And I feel like a dinosaur/Broken face and broken hands/I’m a broken man/I’ve hit the wall/I’m about to fall/But I’m closing down on it/I feel so weak/On a losing streak/Watch my taillights fade to black”).

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But the “Buffalo” always leaves you with a glimmer of hope at the end (“I feel so strong underneath it all”).

Other pick hits on the album are “Mineral,” “Darl,” “Porchlight,” and “I’m Not There.” I know it seems odd, but it is possible to be mentally addicted to this tape. I know because, well … I’m a Tom addict. I admit to it freely. This is probably the one tape that you can seriously suffer withdrawal symptoms from. It comes in stages though. “Porchlight” is just a totally incredible song that my friends and I just love to pick at and philosophize over (“Could mean that bad things happen on beautiful days?”). I know, I know, it’s stupid, it’s childish and it’s d”class”, but it’s fun, which is what I think that Buffalo Tom is all about. This tape is a must for any fan of local alternative music.Review by K. F., Waltham, MA

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