Letter from a Nutt

5 May 2019

Dear Aubrey Drake Graham:

I’ve been a fan for years and grew an outstanding appreciation for your music. My little bird friend, Amanda, is also a fan of yours. She a little bit more passionate about you and your music though. Amanda is a white dove. As much as she talks about you, she might even be your number one fan now. She knows just about everything about you from your birthday to your blood type. Lately, she has been sad and not her normal self.

Amanda sits in her cage all day with a gloomy look on her face. She barely talks to me, eats lunch, or flies around the house anymore. She doesn’t even hum, or sing your songs anymore. The bad part about this is that her birthday is February 26.

A bunch of other little birdy friends and I are going to throw her a surprise party.

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I was wonder if you would come. She would be ecstatic and I would love to see my friend happy again. Even though Amanda is a bird, I want her to be happy again.

Bryanna Rose

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