Letter of Advice… Interpersonal Communication

3 March 2017

This a great article with good advice on how to communicate with your husband, wife or partner for the future. Without Communication there will not be a happy and long lasting result in a marriage. Within reading this article I was able to relate the knowledge with my own marriage of 5 long years. Learning how to communicate within listen as well as my tone and other forms to communicate has been susceptible for us. There has been along hard battle to fight through my ordeal, but the lessons of reading and responding with the actions have been very tolerable.

I have had a very bad problem beening lonely after my children went to college and after I closed my business. Drawing more to my husband, I felt he was pulling away from me. There was not a day went by that I feel deeper in a depression without communicating that with him, I just assumed he would have noticed. Now after talking the problem out and with quality time as well things are much better. Being able to relate to “Many couples think they are communicating with each other”, they are wrong at times, because I was that person.

Letter of Advice… Interpersonal Communication Essay Example

Within the statement, “Romantic relationships begin with a lot of sharing and excitement, (Terri Orbuch) I feel this is very true, because that’s why you get married. But, as time goes on other things take place within priorities before you mate. I blame this on life sometimes. Self-disclosure really is an important key to having satisfaction in a marriage even or a relationship, because it is an act of verbally or nonverbally revealing information about you to others.

Within revealing your true thoughts and self you may allow other people to know the “real you” and not your public personality, which often leads to building the relationship to higher levels of communication. Self-disclosure is what your spouse will be entitled to that knowledge. When it comes to gender differences, there really is a level of expression that women and men have to different. When you make a connection and are able to understand how interpersonal communication works, you are better able to express and reveal information about the inner you.

I have noticed that my husband keeps a lot of things bottled up on the inside and I really try to get him to talk about things. But within recognizing my husband’s stand on issues, I don’t push too hard. Gender roles are even greater over the years as men and women both have trouble in expressing their feelings, but if we learn to communicate better things will be easier. After all, we just want to be loved and cared for by our spouse. Unfortunately, I believe I have loved, lost, and lived to love again through our time together.

I believe with time, exploring, and the use of self-disclosure that my husband and I will find our way back to an exciting new beginning to share with our extended family through generalization. I fit into the category because many relationships are typical. All arguments and issue seems to be the same, only to be in a different scenario. Communication plays a valuable role in our relationships one that leads to a long-lasting and healthy marriage. Some good advice is to make the best of every opportunity while having fun and loving the person you are with right now.

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