Letter of Recommendation

7 July 2018

I am confident that he Witt be an excellent candidate to your post graduate program. I have seen in him a keen zest for learning which is supported by his academic results and a liking to go ended the theoretical purview which is revealed by his project works exhibited during the final two years of his undergraduate degree program. His mini project for the sixth semester titled “Self-Pumping fluid sprayer” helped him gain a better understanding on Mechanical and fluid dynamics.I also definitely vouch for his leadership and writing skills, organization skills and presentation skills particularly expressing to the point. He also possesses the ability to think and execute programs independently. Mr.

. Mar raja men also showed special interest in various extracurricular activities and appreciate him for the enthusiasm he had shown to be a part of tech fest arranged by the college.In addition to this I would like to hilliest his excellent rapport and communication skills with his faculty and peers.

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He has also actively participated in certain workshops dealing with the subject covered in his undergraduate degree program. As a student, Mar raja was always sincere, perceptive and displayed a strong urge for knowledge and I strongly recommend him for Masters Program at your esteemed university.

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