Letter to editor

6 June 2017

Todays youth is ignorant, lazy, spoilt and outright revolting, so negatively and adversely the society around us has changed, as ccording to some people inclined to nostalgia. Is this true? It will be only veracious to say that the children of today and their role in the society have changed significantly, but so did the world around them and the respective circumstances. Rather than stay home and spend their lives working on a farm, or in the family shop, as described by the author of the letter, they, namely we are excelling in schools and higher education.

It might seem that we do not spend much time on it but, in fact, he pressure on us to get a higher education, which indeed is much less valuable than 50 years ago due to academic inflation, is a stress the previous generations have not experienced yet and which we seem to still manage.

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The demands and expectations (both market and parental) are high and I do believe that comparatively we are not worse than our respected predecessors. The distinctions of the new generation are as easy to see, as will readily be observed in many aspects.

From the role teenagers play in their families to the way they earn their livings; from the anguage they now use to their thoughtlessness and what we view as profane. In response to changes around them, teens now find themselves playing a different role then what they used to. Children once were expected to either work on the farm with their family, or spend their time working in the local grocery store, or run the errands. Now children are mostly expected to get decent grades at school – but that is what market demands, isn’t it? In addition, if the market pays for the intellectual work, it does not mean that they are softies.

Moreover, nowadays many teenagers strive not only for money, but also for the working experience in the respective career field, essential to get a good Job later. All and all, today it is required to wait longer to get more professional experience and knowledge in order to find certain opportunities, but does waiting make youth lazy or non-willing to work? Moreover, according to the writer, the young generation takes their caring families for granted, but I can assure you that the family values still do prevail even among out generation hat usually considered to be dissolute.

The family image has changed Just like almost everything else, but nonetheless, we still maintain that tradition of living together as a family. Older brothers are still expected to watch over and care for their younger sisters, they are all expected to help out with chores, and children still do listen to their parents. In conclusion, I would like to say that although the differences seem The tamily image has changed, but nonetheless, we still maintain that tradition f living together as a family.

Older brothers are still expected to watch over and care for their younger sisters, they are all expected to help out with chores, and are all expected to listen to their parents. to outweigh the similarities, youth of today is still moulded upon their parents. Children are taking a stand to make a difference in accordance with the changing world, but it has always been like this, generation after generation. For my part, I hope that our generations fgures out a way to alleviate these discrepancies, too.

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