2 February 2019

Dear Nissim Mordehay,

I can only imagine of what the painful and terrible things you have been through. There are so many questions that run through my head, but so little time to consider answering them all. Now I understand that you were born January 8, 1932 in Thtiman, Bulgaria. You were also the son of Mina and Behor Mordehay, and you were nine years of age during the hohcaust, when Bulgaria allied its self with Germany. You also had a younger sister named Lida,she was 5 years old. I also read that your family had owned a very large store that sold textiles and clothing. This building was so large that you and your family hat to give the first floor to the police deparment, which the town jail was in the basement. Your family was surrounded by non-jews but very wellknown and respect ed by them. There. was a law by Adolf Hitler passed by the goverenment for all jews to wear the yellow star . But from what I read , you and your sister did not have to wear the yellow star because, you and your sister were under age. There is a quetion I would like to ask, how did you feel when knowing that other childeren had lost their parents to Adolf Hitler, did at least one thought of you loosing your parents ever cross your mind? Did you ever tell your mom or dad that your cusinswere literally tororing you and your little sister lida for being able to attend a public school? Did you ever feel isolated from the world , when you were told you would not be seeing your former friends at school anymore? There was a n intersting part in your lifestory that I loved. IT was about how the of Bulgaria actually fighting in behave of the 20,000 jews who ordered by Hitler to be sent to concentration camps in poland, in the year 1943. By January 1944, massive allied boming of Bulgaria began. But “The Jews Of Old”, Bulgaria were saved due to the courageous defince of the King Of Bulgaria and his people. I believe that you are extremly fortunate to be able to live and survive that horrible and terrifing event. You must be filled with great joy and happyness. Knowing that you lived in a country that was able to protect you and your beloved family!!

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