Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care

7 July 2017

I have used two examples of service users who use the service and how barriers are overcome when using different methods of communication and how working in partnership with other organizations can promote better outcomes for their care. This is relevant within my own Job role 1;Service User A-suffered a stroke and is partially deaf in his right ear and wears hearing aids 2;Service User B-Has dementia and lacks capacity to communicate .

Service user A Barriers are overcome by care staff having to speak very slowly and facing him when speaking so he can follow lip movement. Staff are too write information down on paper so he can visually understand or stand to the right of him and speak louder so he can hear clearer. Len every service users care plan all relevant information such as his preferred methods of communication or his needs wishes or preferences personal details medication etc,this information can be shared with care staff who visit him or district nurses his family where possible .

Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care Essay Example

In every service users care plan there are daily reporting sheets that care staff record what they have done on each visit or report any concerns regarding the welfare of the client. These are then collected each month and returned to the office staff and stored in the service users personal file and any concerns are reported and discussed at these weekly meetings with social services any forms of extra support can be discussed and these changes can be implemented and other inter agencies can be introduced and decisions made on how a service users care can deliver better outcomes regarding their care.

Service user B Her son is the first point of contact and communication regarding his mothers care feedback to the son and office staff have played a vital role in this ladies care gaining extra purport from the occupational therapist and her doctor as her mobility deteriorated rapidly and become unable to feed herself as well as her lack of capacity to communicate too care staff have found other ways of communication were formed by care staff using hand gestures or visually showing her items of clothing and giving her lots of choices on what she would like to eat and speaking to her using lots of eye contact this kept her attention and improved her care these have been found to be very effective when feedback from care staff were given.

This can make all the difference to individuals who use the service their family embers can access these organizations and gather essential information and how it can improve the loved ones care. As so can all care staff research ways that may improve the service users care . Working in partnership with the hospital it is standard practice to implement all service users who use the service with a Hospital/ Health passport so if they are ever admitted to hospital they can take this with them of kin their GAP,s name address etc what medication they require and so on this has proved very effective as all their information can be shared with all essential hospital staff.

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