Level of Satisfaction on Library Facilites and Services

4 April 2017

CHAPTER I The Problem and its Background INTRODUCTION A Library is more than a place, more than books, films and records. Basically a Library is a gathering of ideas or information put in order and shared. Different groups of people use Libraries like teachers and students, youngsters and elderly, policemen and plumbers and politicians. Each group, each person has a different Library needs. Because no one Library can handle all needs, there are different kinds of Libraries, and they share materials with each other.

There are no two Libraries that are exactly alike. But some have more in common than others. Because the money to run a public Library comes from taxes, it is a free Library for the public, everyone who lives in a certain neighborhood, city, country, or province. Such a Library serves all ages and groups as an information center, as a reading, viewing and listening for pleasure Library. There were early types of public Libraries in ancient Greece and Rome. However, they did not lend materials freely as do the world’s public Libraries today.

Level of Satisfaction on Library Facilites and Services Essay Example

Throughout the school days, students and teachers in elementary and secondary school need school Libraries to work in. The modern school Library in many countries is a learning center designed for both group and independent study. Besides books, the Library may contain magazines, newspapers, maps, posters, charts, models, teaching machines, films and filmstrips and slides to look at, records and tapes to listen to, and the equipment to use these. There may be special study and listening areas, conference rooms, and even a recording or TV studio.

Such a Library is called a material center or media center. A large secondary school Library may have separate resource center for science, social studies, and other subjects. An academic Library is found in a College or University. Like a school Library, this Library is a workshop for students and teachers, but it often has anywhere from 50,000 to millions of books and other materials covering many special subjects. That’s why Scholars from outside the College or University frequently use such Library for research.

A University may include 50 or more Libraries in its many schools- a Far Eastern studies Library, a Fine Arts Library, An Engineering Library, and so on. There may be separate Libraries for undergraduates and for rare books and manuscripts. Because of the vast amount of materials they handle, some academic Libraries use computers to keep track of the collection. The medical Library of a Hospital is a special Library. So are the Libraries of a Law Office, a weather bureau, a labor union, a museum, an arboretum, or any encyclopedia publishing firm.

A special Library is a part of a Hospital, Business, or other Organization, and it offers practical information to the workers or members. Such a Library is not generally open to the public. Usually it concentrates on a particular subject or subjects like Medicine, Law, Climate and Weather, Labor, and Art. A special Library may have few books, relying heavily instead on such materials as magazines, reports, and computer printouts. These enable the Library to keep up in fast-moving fields such as aerospace.

National Libraries are the Super Libraries of the world, with upwards of 80 million books and other materials in the largest. Because a National Library serves the Government of a country, it’s a special Library. It’s also a research Library for Scholars. In addition, many national Libraries are public in that they are for the people of an entire country. Upon entering its 4th year of foundation, the Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Campus has a need for improvement of the campus facilities to continue giving a top class educational satisfaction that the students expect upon enrolling in this University.

And one of the facilities that is most used and needed by the students is the University Library because it is the most resourceful place for them. The Library supports the needs of students for informational material such as books, periodicals, and other readable materials that can provide useful information for the students. And to support the growing population of this University, some improvements might be required for the University Library to make sure that it can satisfy all of the students and even the future students of this University.

As of today, Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Campus is still in developmental stage of its Library services and facilities. We all know that our Library does not have enough space to support the facilities that is needed to accommodate all Lyceans. That is why we had decided to conduct a study to determine the satisfaction level of selected CITHM students on the Library services and facilities, and to help the Administration by giving useful information that can be used to improve the University Library.

Together with the CITHM department, we would like to help the University Library to gain higher satisfaction rate from students who is using the Library facilities and services. Our goal is to assess the level of satisfaction of selected students from the CITHM department and to pin point some of the possible things that we can add to make sure that the University Library is satisfying the students of this University. On one hand, is assesses the students satisfaction over the quality of the University Library’s services and facilities.

And on the other hand, there is also a need to check on some specific aspects that may be used as points of improvement for the Library services and facilities. In the process, this will help the University Library to enhance its services and facilities to become more flexible and dynamic that will suit the specific needs of different students while maintaining the rules and regulations of the University Library. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The purpose of this study is to determine the Level of Satisfaction of Selected CITHM Students on the Library Services and Facilities.

The following are some guide questions that can help us identify the possible improvements needed by the LPU-Cavite Library: •What is the Demographic Profile of the respondents in terms of: •Age •Gender •Course •What are the different facilities offered at the Library of LPU Cavite? •Do all students feel the comfort in staying inside the school Library for reading and searching materials? •Does the school Library provide easy access to different reading materials available whether books or on-line information? Do the school Library provides the students enough research materials that they need? •Does the school Library distributes books according to the courses or subjects equally? OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY This study aims to identify the needs of students in using the school library. It focuses on the overall satisfaction that the University Library can provide to the students. The following are some specific objectives of the study: •To find out if the LPU-Cavite Library has been satisfying the students by means of the facilities and services they offer. To identify possible improvements on the Library. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study seeks to help the University in improving the Library facilities and the services of LPU Cavite for the benefit of all the library users. It will be of most value to: •Professor – to provide them with enough teaching materials to aid instrument. •Alumni – to see the improvements of what they have researched about the LPU Cavite Library. •Future Researchers – to provide them other information and ideas in relation to their topic to be research. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK

Library Services Questionnaire/Survey and Facility Assessment for the students The diagram above shows how the study works. It shows where the information will come from by conducting survey, assessment by means of questionnaires to the target students about the Library services and Facility. The Data gathered will be use to identify the improvements needed by the Library. SCOPE AND LIMITATION The main focus of this study is to determine the Level of Satisfaction of Selected CITHM students on the library services and facilities.

We also focus on “HOW? ” CITHM students would be satisfied and “WHAT? ” could the library do for the satisfaction of the CITHM students. Our research study time frame starts from JULY 2011 to OCTOBER 2011 and research study would be focusing at the LPU Cavite campus, with the respondents of selected CITHM and our data sources would also come from CITHM students, since we gather information from them. The research study would not be covering the library rules and regulations and some other things that tackle the Library safety and security.

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