Library and information science

5 May 2016

(Designation), Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi, Delhi for his meticulous and expert guidance, constructive criticism, patient hearing and benevolent behavior through out my ordeal of the present research. I shall remain grateful to him for his cordial, cooperative attitude, wise and knowledgeable counsel that acted as an impetus in the successful completion of my project work.

Library and information science Essay Example

I would like to particularly thank the Head of the Department ________________ (Name of the HOD) for giving me guidance and inspiration during my study in the department. I never forget the kind help extended by the HOD. It however, not possible for me to forget the kind of help provided by the faculty members, Professor (Mrs.) S. P. Singh, Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Dr. (Mrs.) P. K. Walia, Dr. K. P. Singh, Dr. (Mrs.) Meera, and Mr. Manish Kumar.

I also convey my thanks to Department Library Staff for extending their support in my study in the department. At last but not least my friends in the department who deserves some words of thanks.

Chapter – 3: Bibliography with Abstract gives complete citation information about the various literatures used in the study with proper abstract according to Modern Language Association of America (MLA) Handbook for writers of research papers, 7th edition.

Appendix- I: Author Index with Abstract. This chapter deals with the names of the authors related to references provided in the Chapter-3 of the report i.e. Bibliography with Abstract. All authors in the part are arranged in alphabetically.

Appendix- II: Title Index gives at a glance overview of the titles of the articles used in the study and arranged in alphabetical order.

The literature survey is conducted for the period 20– – 20– . It includes the articles of journals, which are subscribed by the Central Library, University of Delhi, Delhi.

A search has been conducted on the terms “ —————————-(your topic related keywords”, “ —————–”, in LISA, Emerald, LISTA, Science direct, EBSCO and other database to complete review of literature for the proposed study, including search on e-journals websites. In addition to above searches, bibliography of journal article are also reviewed for more sources as well as websites and consulted various eminent experts.

1.5 METHODOLOGY For preparing of this literature survey I have taken a lot of steps for collecting the articles about the (your topic name). First Sir/madam, told us about the what is literature survey and what are the steps involved for preparing it. He had given me the topic – “(your topic name)” for the survey.

I went to the department library and central library for collecting articles from journals on my assigned topic. I also consulted electronic resources for collecting articles such as emerald, [email protected] Infonet, Open-Jgate, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), etc. After the verification of the entries of the articles by the supervisor my last was the preparation of the report.

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