Library essay

8 August 2016

In this day in age, libraries are very important. There are various reasons as to why they are important. Even with many libraries closing throughout the country, they remain a necessity for youth, & anyone who has to access information that it has to find on the internet. Not everything is available on the internet. There is also digital libraries which are useful but you can’t find everything you would in a library. There are something’s on the internet that when you find them it may require you to have a subscription. The internet doesn’t have an experiment librarian’s physically by your side to help at any time you would need it.

One of the big reasons why libraries are important is that not everything is available to you on the internet. It is an issue because the majority of books have copyrights laws which prevents information from being put out on the internet, or becoming digital. Most writers have their information in books, and with the copyrights laws it cannot be accessed via the internet. Even if the internet has some information that you may need, having a physical book with dated information can be a much better use for getting the most information that you need.

Library essay Essay Example

Also they have a limited database that may require you to have a subscription to find a greater deal of the content online, rather than having it all for free at a physical library with more extensive information. Another reason why libraries are important is that it is a place where people can go to study. At the library you have plenty of space to get your work done. Also there isn’t as much as a distraction due to the library having strict rules against loud noise. Most people find it hard to get stuff done when there is a lot of things going on around them; or when the things that are going on around them are loud.

Having a piece of mind is something that a library can provide that nowhere else can with all the resources inside to get done whatever task you may need to complete. Having a physical librarian available also is why libraries are important. A physical librarian will always be there to answer any questions one might have about a topic. It also makes it easier to continue to process the information that one might already have with extra assistance on the topic. Librarians are also critical to help children who may have never been to a library, or they might not know how to look for things within a library.

They teach kids the skills of how to do research, search for topics, & look at the wide range of databases that only libraries have. Librarians also encourage children to read, something that is a positive thing to have when kids today don’t like to read. Having them there to encourage them makes it easier. Having the ability to take books out to use for free is a positive for libraries. The fact that libraries don’t charge you anything to check out books makes libraries very important. For those who can’t buy books from a bookstore or other source, going to a library to borrow one saves them money.

At libraries you can also make copies of certain pages that you need instead of taking the whole book with you. This makes it easy for people who don’t need the whole book but instead just pieces of info out of it. The convenient nature that a library has to offer makes it very important. Money is a topic that everyone is conscious about, and having to pay for subscriptions to some content online makes having libraries around a necessity. Another reason why libraries are important is because they offer free internet. Having a tool like the internet being free for use draws people to use libraries.

Most people who have laptops or desktop computers have to pay for their high speed internet service, or be lucky to find Wi-Fi service without paying for it. Knowing that a library has free internet you can go there and take advantage of that and the resources that a library has to offer. You have people who go to the library just because of the free internet. While others utilize the free service and other tools libraries have to offer. Also libraries are important because they are courses on skills that can help you in the real world. Libraries have many courses available for use to people who may need them.

Some of the things they offer are help with English, & resume building skills for those who may be entering the job force. If English isn’t your native language they have courses that can help you develop the ability to speak English. You might need help with creative writing which is also something that libraries have to offer. All of these services are free of charge as long as you have a simple library card on hand with you. Libraries also offer readings groups. Some may call them study groups, but the reading groups the library has to offer also makes it important.

You might be a person who prefers to study with a group of your friends to better understand the topic. Or you might like groups because of the interaction of people sharing their different perspectives on the subjects they talk about. It’s almost like a group meeting. Having the ability to set a time, while already knowing the exact place where you will meet up with your peers to discussion any you want. With the library being a relaxing environment because the of the strict noise rules it you piece of mind and the opportunity to have these meetings without be distracted by outside issues.

Another extraction that makes libraries important is that some of them exactly offer cafes. These cafes are something that is growing worldwide. With the addition of places like Starbucks, having cafes in libraries gives people another alternative if they don’t like coffee. At the library cafes you can enjoy what the library has to offer. Some libraries have the ability to offer music books that you can use to follow along, or use them to study to your advantage. Also there are DVD’s that are available at literary for those who like to visually learn about whatever topic they choose.

It creates a place that keeps those who go relax while they get done what they need. It could be finishing up a school assignment, or getting a project done for work that requires some research to be done. Libraries also offer an extensive collection of historical items whether it’s local or nationally. If you’re looking to know about your city at a certain point of time, a library has the best source best. You can check out a book that will tell you where a building was located, and what they did in that building. You can find out the change in population that your city has had as the times changes.

You can also find that buildings in those times were more structures sound than the buildings of this age. Nationally libraries keep records of everything like climate changes, and the amount of colleges and universities that the country has. You could never go wrong when searching for a book in the library about local or national news. Libraries databases are so extensive that they can brings up information from years ago. This is something that you will not be able to find anywhere also but a library. Libraries offer a huge amount of study space.

Having a huge amount of study space is something most people enjoy. You have the freedom of a big table where you can lay everything you have in front of you. Rather than being in at a tight desk where you might be able to have one piece of information on the table. Having more on the table keeps you from searching all over for that one page or book that might be missing. This is something that will allow for librarians to better help you as well because they can join you at the table to discuss your topic. Having two people at one table working on the same subject always helps get a task done.

All of these reasons are largely why libraries are important. It’s something free that everybody can that advantage of. You can’t find what a library has to offer anywhere else. It’s doesn’t matter what age you are, at the library there something for all age groups to do. Closing down these libraries is a decision that should not happen. It is important to today’s youth for these libraries to stay open because they benefit the most from libraries being open. Closing them would simply say that today’s youth is not a top priority to worry about.

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