5 May 2017

An examples might be: past and present tense which intertwine and literary terms which evoke and contribute to the central idea of the novel. 8. relate the way in which the title of a novel pertains to and fits the novel itself. 9. trace and discuss the role that suspense plays in a psychological novel. 10. discuss how the author manipulates suspense in order to achieve tension. 1 1 . infer events and meanings not explicitly stated. 12. ite incidents from the story to support the following statement of theme: In order for children to mature into adults they must understand themselves. Questions for Essay and Discussion Usually a novel moves along in time with the events of the story, more or less chronologically. I Am the Cheese does not. Its events are Jumbled together, and this non-linear style of writing is frequently difficult to follow. In I Am the Cheese the author switches from present tense to past tense and back many times. What effect did this style of writing have on you?

Was it easier or more difficult than the usual novels you read? How did it help or hurt the actual story itself? Why do you think Cormier wrote this way? A mystery novel leaves clues and hints to get the reader interested; it causes isinterpretations, and in the end, it resolves the mysteries. What was the mystery, now were you misled, and now did the novel solve the problems? One theme of I Am the Cheese might be the confusion of leaving childhood and attaining adulthood. However, at the end of the novel Adam has not arrived at his maturity. Instead, he is still a teenager and still confused.

Discuss in detail Adam’s confusion, insecurities, and their causes. The title of the novel refers to a nursery rhyme. Discuss two different ways the rhyme fits both the title and the story. Give at least three examples of how Adam/Paul’s false memories conflict with reality. Compare and contrast what he believes truth to be with actuality. 6. I Am the Cheese should be a novel about Adam’s ability to find his true self after years of constant lies about everything. He can not find himself because of his “mental problems,” which were directly caused by years of his parents’ deceit.

Adam confuses reality with memory, truth with lies, and past with present. He does not understand the situations in which he finds himself. Explain how these falsities, which Adam grew up with and believes to be true, make the inability to discover one’s true identity a theme in the novel instead. A psychological novel delves into the thoughts, hopes, weaknesses, and fears of the main character. Psychology, combined with suspense and danger, can create a novel that is very mysterious. Describe the events Cormier uses to reveal Adam’s fragile psyche and how that contributes to the mystery and suspense.

Put any five of the following major events of I Am the Cheese on a timeline in correct chronological order: Mother dies Family put under protection Car crash Father reports story Adam is institutionalized Adam overhears his parents Adam finds birth certificates Study Guide Student Copy PAGES 1 -11 VOCABULARY furiously – rapidly slithering – sliding Thomas Wolfe – American author, wrote You Cant Go Home Again dreary – dull, dark claustrophobic – fear of closed-in places resolve – decide provisions – food reckless – careless omen – a sign about the future wavered – swayed What is the setting of I Am the Cheese?

What is the narrator searching for? What are three things he remembers? Who is introduced in the beginning of the taping? How can Adam be in bed and be telling the story of the bike Journey at the same time? PAGES 29 – 38 sanitarium – asylum wary – cautious ntensity – in a state of excitement implacable – unbothered loping – running easily stalk – to move threateningly camaraderie – friendship apparition – ghost-like overshadowed – was more important than What makes it appear that Brint is a doctor? Is he?

What is the first clue Adam gives? In the long flashback, what two characters walked together? What did they encounter before reaching their destination? PAGES 93 – 106 reverberates – echoes loudly decibel – measurement of sound volume On another narrow country road, Adam is overtaken by the three troublemakers. He tries to feel for something important. What is it? Which one of the boys is driving the car? The next four pages represent conversations between Brint and Adam. What is Adam’s general impression during this interview?

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