Life as a Phone Girl

5 May 2019

It’s a busy Friday night at work as I stand behind the counter. The phones are ringing every two minutes and I can barely keep up. I’ve only been at work for an hour and already everything is going wrong. Customers are calling to complain, delivery drivers are getting lost, and the kitchen is chaos. But above all, the excitement and stress that my job brings upon me is what I love the most.
As a phone girl, I am responsible for interacting with customers and addressing any problems they might have.
The phone rings. I answer the call and greet the customer.

“Thank you for calling Rosati’s in Oconomowoc, how can I help you?”
“I came in 20 minutes ago to pick up my order and my pizza is all wrong. I live half an hour away and I am not driving back there to pick up a new one. What kind of service is this?”
Dealing with unhappy customers is not uncommon. I am the one who is yelled at for mistakes that aren’t my fault. I ignore the customer’s angry tone and apologize for the mix up. I give her a credit on her account and I ask if there’s anything else I can do for her.
In the midst of answering phone calls, I’m also responsible for carry-out orders. Customers are continuously complaining about how long they must wait for their food to be ready. I politely let them know that I will inform the chef that he needs to finish the order as quick as possible.
I’ve learned through my job, if I keep calm and positive, I can achieve and help. I use these characteristics in every aspect of my life and am able to see success in others areas as well.

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