"Life Changes" by Thomas Rhett

“Never in a million years would I think that people would want to hear my personal stories in a song.” According to Taylor Weatherby on billboard September 13th, 2017, every song on this album Rhett has experienced it in some way. “Life Changes” is a wonderful set of music with not only phenomenal songs but un-ordinary lyrics that go with it. The many different first hand stories in each song is what made this album go so far.In his music, each song has a different theme behind it. The beat, instruments, and lyrics fit so well together. “Life Changes,” “Marry Me,” and “Sixteen” are just a few of the songs in this amazing album.

This whole album revolves around the ups and downs of Thomas Rhett’s life up until this past year. The song “Life Changes” has many stories on how he was once a normal college student and now he is living life with two daughters and a wife at home. He shows how he is truly amazed by where life can take somebody. Personally, I really like this song because it shows how much one person’s world can change. Life moves so fast first school with friends, then college parties and all of sudden married with kids. That is only the beginning of many experiences he has to share in his music. When his life changes that brings many new adventures in his life, like getting married.

The song “Marry Me”, is such a relaxing song with many different meanings. This song explains how there is a girl that he loves but she’s marrying another guy. The first time hearing these lyrics it sounds very sad and gloomy; something no one should have to go through. Rhett talks about how he wrote this song about his wife but puts a little twist on it.He says, “ One time Lauren and I broke up and almost married other people.” From Taylor Weatherby on billboard. I really dig this song for the story behind it, even though he twists the tale it still has great lyrics to match.

Thomas has many story worthy experiences that he sings about but I feel that this one fits for his crowd of fans. “Sixteen” is such an epic song because I think anyone who listens to it can relate in someway. Everyone wants to be older because it may seem better but I think that people need to take a breath and live in the moment. When I hear this song I understand exactly what he is singing about because, I feel the same way about getting to sixteen. This song is such a great hit because people of many different ages can agree with it on multiple levels. I think every song has a great beat in the background but the lyrics that go with it just top it all off.

I think that just “Life Changes,” “Marry Me,” and “Sixteen” in the album could make it a record breakingalbum alone. That just shows how well written they are. I would recommend listening to the rest of them. How he stated above on how he would’ve never thought personal stories would be good in a song shows how he is such a good artist. He tried a different take for his music and it landed him number one album on billboard 200. This is only one of his amazing hit albums and many more to come.

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