Life-Changing Experience

11 November 2018

The day was as dark as a bats cave. I had that gut feeling that something was going too happened. That day I was aware of everything that was happening around me. At school nothing bad or wrong happened to me so I thought I was safe for the day, o how I was wrong. I was on my way home and I could already spot my mom waiting at the door, I started to get a bit worried and went home without speaking a thing. As I approached the door my stomach started to hurt from almost nothing to very worse. My mom spoke and said “what s this?” she had found my report card. She had already seen that I was failing two classes so there was no possible way to make up a lie. She was so furious she looked like a bright red tomato. She said she was really disappointed and explained to me why. She explained to me that when she was younger she was going to school as well but she was not able to finish school because my grandmother took her out of school. She explained that she was very furies because she was giving me the chance to go to school but I was not taking advantage of my opportunity.

I started to further think about what we had talked about and I started to understand that she was correct; I had to take advantage of the opportunity she was giving me and do well in school so I can have a good life for myself but also a good life to help her. I then started to work harder and harder to make her and myself proud. She always was working hard to make sure that I had everything that I needed so I knew I had to work hard as well. She always said that she was not able to graduate from high school but she knew that I would do well and finish her goal which was to graduate and go to college.

I started to work harder and my grades showed the improvement. After I had that talked with my mom I started to get honor roll and certificates and I knew that I had done the right decision in doing better in school. I believe that this life experience has helped me for the better of my life. This life experience has helped me because I know that if I would have kept the way I was doing in school I would probably not even be in school writing this essay. This has also helped me to realize that not everyone is as lucky to get free education like me and the people that do have free education don’t take advantage they take things for granted unlike the kids that have to pay for their education.

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