Life Cycle with Air Jordan

8 August 2016

Air Jordan belongs to a famous international brand called “Nike” which is a pair of legendary shoes. Nike, Inc. is an America transnational corporation that has its own design and technology, and it’s mainly products is clothes, shoes, and equipment etc. The Nike shoes also is one of fortune 500 company, and the rank of Nike, Inc. is 126. (A Time Warner Company, 2013) Different Nike’s Product have unlike Life cycle, because of epidemic and seasonality of product. That is why I introduce the Air Jordan XX8. This essay will told more detail on the next paragraph. Overview of the Company and Product

The meaning of the Nike is the Greek goddess of victory and it is the world famous brand of sports goods. The company headquarters is built in the United States in 1972, Oregon. Nike mainly producing sports shoes, sportswear, sports goods, with their own brand sales, including Air Jordan, Nike Golf, Team Starter, also including the wholly owned subsidiary of the converse brand, etc. ‘Just Do It’ is Nike distinct slogan (Wikipedia 2013) nowadays, Nike not only producing spots goods, it also producing all kinds of products such as jacket, hoodies, casual clothing, but air Jordan still obtain lots of people’s heart door.

Life Cycle with Air Jordan Essay Example

Air Jordan is series of Nike shoes which are way ahead of other basketball shoes in the sales and market demand. Nike’s latest technology and creativity are usually arm on Air Jordan sneakers, but is has definitely experimental objective. For instance, “Huarache concept” and “lid Design” of Air Jordan 7, “titanium alloy plate” of Air Jordan 22, etc. (Baike. Baidu 2013) Every generation of Air Jordan launched special, strengthen version, with the modification of the details, and make it more suitable for actual combat, close to the nature of the shoe.

The Appearance of Air Jordan belong to a legendary man who is the greatest player in NBA history — Michael Jordan. Current Marketing Mix Today, Air Jordan gains satisfactory performance because of striving step by step. Air Jordan XX8 is most people favorite basketball shoes because it contains the most advanced technology such as Zoom air cushion, using of Dynamic Fit, and carbon fiber raw materials. What a wonderful shoes! In fact, I want to introduce Air Jordan I, because is give people too much unforgettable memory, but is was obsolete. Since put on sale of Air Jordan I, Air Jordan series has produced 28 generations so far.

Air Jordan make sure that their product is customers need. It means Air Jordan pays attention to make a wonderful new good for their customers( Hall, D. et al 2010) Air Jordan has a good deal of generation of basketball shoes. Air Jordan 28 is the ultramodern generation of Air Jordan which uses Zoom air cushion, using of Dynamic Fit, and carbon fiber raw materials. Frankly, it have powerful technology content and this pair of shoes is very pleasant, and its design is very wonderful. Air Jordan XX8 has adopted carbon fiber raw materials, and provided excellent traction and durability.

In the global sports market, Nike hold sports global market share of approximately 37% and Nike Inc. still increase market share from year by year, hence the Air Jordan makes a contribution to Nike. In Boston Matrix, For Air Jordan XX8, the market share is high, but it market growth is low. Therefore the Air Jordan XX8 are cash caw stage. It can obtain the highest profit. In Product Life Cycle, Air Jordan XX8 is Maturity stage, the first reason is Air Jordan XX8 is a fresh and epidemic product, and the second reason is people like this shoes, customers are willing to buy it, due to famous Michael Jordan’s perfect achievement.

The Nike, Ink. Give customers Jordan’s signature and when they sale Air Jordan XX8. They do this for keep it on maturity stage. On the other hand, Air Jordan XX8 not only a pair of shoes, but also have colossal collect value. (Baike. Baidu. 2013) Air Jordan select the correct prices level, set the particular price in china. Then Air Jordan also need to consider a discount, allowance. (Marcous, I. 2008) In exclusive shop, China, Air Jordan XX8 cost about 2680 RMB. For each collectors and Basketball players, this edition of Air Jordan XX8 is very expensive, and in China it just only has 800 pairs.

The Air Jordan XX8 use the Market Skimming strategy, because it price is too high before it begin selling, and it have competitor called Adidas which might fight with Nike to gain more and more customers(Baike. Baidu. 2013). Air Jordan uses the advertising, personal selling public relation and promotion to sell their shoes. (Hall, D. et al 2010) Jordan and Nike become their own myths in the world and this is a pair of legendary basketball shoes of Jordan and Nike. Nike is very Resourceful Company, it knows to find the most famous player to sign and make a new shoes.

This is one of Air Jordan successful place. In Houston, people can see the poster of Air Jordan on a Billboard. Customers also can buy much cheaper Air Jordan XX8 than local Air Jordan exclusive shop On the Internet. As a TV advertisement called “DARE TO FLY” (Video. Sina. 2013) Broadcast, more and more people know the Air Jordan XX8 and it sales volume also will increase. It is because the significance of Air Jordan XX8 that Nike launched souvenir edition of Air Jordan XX8. Actually, this action one more time let the Air Jordan XX8 get lots of customers and money.

Air Jordan set up distribution channels to make them into customer’s hands. (Hall, D. et al 2010) Nike is a public company, therefore every country have they own Air Jordan Store. Customers can buy it on Internet or Air Jordan exclusive shop. For example, China have its Own Air Jordan Company. First of all, The Nike Company licensed to China and Give them blueprint of Shoes or clothes. Then China can open its own Air Jordan Company, and make Shoes of Air Jordan. Second, those shoes or clothes are transported by plane, steamer, or lorry to across the country.

Third, every region’s shop manager receives those goods and let them into the exclusive shop. Product Market Information Nike, Ink. target young adult and teenager, because the both like life, such as play sports or play out together. They need some suitable and fashionable clothes, pans and shoes. Nike is a famous firm as a result of it could control the market, and it have unlike department for instance, Air Jordan, Converse, Cole Haan and Nike Golf etc. They have their own target market, such as Air Jordan target Basketball, Converse target casual shoes.

Whatever now or past, it most revenue is its shoes due to marketing Program of Nike. It find every period’s player who is the most powerful player in every period. Nike has grown the bigger sports product company, and it hold about37% of global market share. (Answer 2013) The Competition of Nike is Adidas New Balance and PUMA SE. Adidas is the largest competitor for Nike. Evaluation For Air Jordan XX8, it is maturity stage. The effect of maturity is it is suitable, fashionable and technological, hence people still want to buy Air Jordan XX8 on the internet to have fun with their friends.

Air Jordan XX8 has already obtain lots of Volume of sales, but the Nike Company still produce new generation of Air Jordan shoes due to extend their basketball shoes on the Maturity Stage. On the Other hand, they might add some new technology, and this excellent extension strategy can keep their shoes on maturity stage. Conclusion To sum up, Nike is tactful company, that understand what people want is, and find a new market. Nike always encourage all over the world every athlete and offer the best products as glorious task that is the movement of the language.

Nike tell their customers, if one man can set his mind to do one things, and unremitting struggle, he will go beyond others and conquer all things. Air Jordan XX8 that is the best basketball shoes in many people’s heart. This shoes is at the heart of the perfect combination of athletes and their technology. It is not only functional excellence of basketball shoes, but also a cultural icon. Nike. Inc. produce all kinds of product, and it get the highest market share in the sport market.

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