Life Goals

2 February 2019

I always wonder what or how I would end up in life, until I chose how I wanted to end up. I realized I control my life; it isn’t something I should have to wait and see how it will end up. People can go on and on about how their goals are getting a job that will make them a billionaire and they will be dinning with the celebrities every night and they will talk about the struggles of dealing with the paparazzi. Most people have that dream, even at one point I did; I would dress up like a rock star and walk down that catwalk.Now that I realize that wasn’t for me I decided to go for what I wanted and since then I’ve decided to work and work to get the life I want.

Finding a college is the most important thing, since you need to have the proper schooling.

Life Goals Essay Example

College and scholarship browsing is not the most fun but in the end you will be thanking your passive self that you went to college. But when I go to college I plan on going through an AROTC (Air Force ROTC) which then after college I will serve my country tall and proud in the Air Force. In the Air Force there are plenty of opportunities there and I’ve looked and looked to see which I job opportunity I would fit into, until I found the Air Force K-9 Unit and decided that’s the job for me. I love dogs and I work well with them, after all they are a man’s best friend. Then of course I will meet someone who is special and we ill get married and start a family. When I do I will retire from the Air Force and go into criminal justice. Ever since I was little ive always wanted be a detective. Id go around the house trying to figure out mysteries.Providing for my family is probably number one priority to me, I want my kids to have a better off life then I had when I was little. I don’t want them to struggle with the way we live, or how we are going to pay for groceries or necessities.If I want my kids to have a better future I need to start with myself in having a better future.

It can be very important to have life goals. Some people have those really hard to reach goals that are very far stretched but as long as they are willing to try and reach their goal, then who am I to say they cant have that goal. A goal is a goal no matter how unreasonably far stretched it is it’s still a goal.

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