Life In 2007 for teens

4 April 2019

Life is a grim fairytale. Our life includes the snares of friendship. Life gives us the Hatred of school. The hate of all the bad things happening. Finally we have lives full of death.

Friendship is a blind trap. Most friends lie behind your back. Some friends in the end will just backstab you. Friendship usually ends like a shot through the head. Even things that is completely irrelevant.

Most kids are terrible influences they are completely enraging. Some kids admit peer pressure. Through all this peer pressure can admit many things. All this influences the strive for acceptance. It influences drug use in young children. Finally they make you become a terrible person.

Life at school for teens is usually a terrible experience. School has to much peer pressure. The couples have too much drama witch is totally useless. There are too many popularity contests. Besides what the teacher teaches you all the school has to offer is hate.

For the life at home it won’t always be a walk in the park. You can have a lot of chores on top of all your homework. When arguments start at home they can be bottled up and explode on someone else. This is a bad way to handle your emotions because it can lead to violent outrages. Home life should be controlled in a good fair environment if it isn’t already.

Death is all around us. We have our closest family die all around us. Some of our truest friends die around us. These deaths are not held correctly you can go through the worst sadness and or hatred. All that can be said is death is coming and one of us is next.

Life isn’t always as it seems it can be a dark cloud of hate and lies. Life sometimes seems it will never come a happy ending because life turns to darkness. The only true thing is life is a grim fairytale.

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