“Life in Cartoon Motion”

11 November 2019

Imagine combining qualities of legendary Queen’s Freddie Mercury circa 1978, the 1980s’ George Michael, and the current Scissor Sister’s Jake Shears to form a nouveau-chic, electric, glam-pop/rock singing phenomenon. Enter Mika. Currently a huge success in the U.K., the flamboyant 23-year-old’s vocals help give rise to his colossal fan base, appealing to all ages. His animated, vivacious personality and catchy, melodic tunes are a refreshing change from the mainstream, rap and R&B music that is popular among young generations. Mika’s songs are hopeful beacons of light shining down on the criminal-ridden hardcore rap movement currently corrupting our nation’s youth. Mika’s highly anticipated album, “Life in Cartoon Motion,” was released in the U.S. last March. His single “Grace Kelly” is slowly gaining popularity and familiarity by frequently being played on MTV. With the combination of high set, operatic falsettos, and sonorous, rich sound, this song is completely irresistible! Don’t be deceived by the perky and playful melody; the lyrics contain a completely different message. “Grace Kelly” was inspired by the rejection and criticism he faced from record companies when he was starting out. MTV, helping to promote his career, selected Mika’s other single, “Love Today,” as the anthem for the Monday night lineup. It has also been used in Verizon commercials. In addition, he is currently signed to major record labels Casablanca Records and Universal Music. In due time, Mika will be as popular as pop legends Elton John and George Michael. He is destined for greatness not only in Europe but worldwide. Don’t let his bushy hair and doe-like eyes fool you. Keep a look out for him this year. He’s going to take the world by storm!

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