Life in the Trenches

4 April 2015
This paper takes a look at trench warfare during World War I.

This paper explains the history of trench warfare, how trenches are built and the intolerable conditions of the soldiers who fought in them.
” “Thank God I am on my way home from this miserable mess. Having been tortured for years by horrible sights and sounds that will continue to clash around in my head like thunderstorms…even if I never return in body, I will never be able to leave in mind.” Second Lieutenant Innes Meo of the United States made this statement in a diary entry written around 1920 (qtd in Simkin). This was only one example of the profound effects that World War I had on the soldiers who fought in it. World War I altered many of the traditional ideas about war, ranging from ideals of “glory” and “honor” to basic things like war machinery and battlefield tactics. Trench warfare was one of those basic things, emerging from the shadows during World War I. It was so effective that it became an attractive military strategy that spread quickly and left the horrors of trench life unforeseen. ”
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