Life Is to Easy for Young People Today

1 January 2017

They lack challenges and don’t have to fight for anything’ Write an article for a magazine of your choice which persuades your readers that this statement is either right or wrong. (24 marks) I’m a fifteen year old boy living in London. So I guess I fit in the category of ‘young people’. I have been hearing the statement ‘Life is too easy for young people today. They lack challenges and don’t have to fight for anything’. But recently it has been said a lot more times than in the past. So I felt the need to reply to it for all the young people.

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Life Is to Easy for Young People Today
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As for my opinion on it I disagree to it. Yes some ‘young people’ have got it easy going, getting pretty much what they want when they want. However I don’t think that a group of people in this case they young people should be grouped together as a stereotype of spoilt kids. I thought that grouping people in a category is wrong, isn’t it? As I have said that is the case for some young people however not all as most of us do have to work hard for everything we get we don’t get anything spoon fed to us. Firstly I thought I might as well bring this up early.

Something that a lot of parents say to their children and I myself have heard on multiple occasions ‘we work hard to make life easier for you so you don’t have to work for things as hard as I had to ’. If this is the case how can you say that one day then turn around the next day and say that life is too easy for us if you wanted to make life easy for us. Doesn’t really make sense, does it? I’m not saying that we don’t appreciate what you have done for us but don’t turn around and say the complete opposite of what you just said. Thank you. Anyway going back to my original point of grouping us ‘young people’.

I personally think this statement is too vague. I agree that you (adults) had to work harder than us but I completely disagree that all young people have it easy. I don’t exactly have it easy I’m not from a wealthy family or am a super genius so I have to work for every single think I get. Nothing I repeat nothing is given to me. Yes some ‘young people’ are fortunate to be brought up in a wealthy family who are able to give the child everything they may want or need easily but they didn’t choose for that you worked for all of that so you were able to give your child what they want.

On the other hand ‘young people’ that are from another group of people you have classed together such as the ‘working class’ don’t find things as easy even when employed as to help their family they have to work (there’s that word again) for everything they have. Not everyone is as privileged as each other so some have to fight for more things than others. Thirdly us young people are having to face some of the exact struggles that you are facing such as getting a job, finding somewhere to live and others.

However you can say it is harder for us as say getting a job will be difficult as we have no experience employers will turn us down for people that have experience as this will mean less time spent training the person. This in turn will mean less young people will get housing as landlords will not rent rooms to them as they have not job so no money for rent. So far life for young people doesn’t seem easy does it? Also the small minority that always seems to get made out to be the whole youth by the media that cause trouble on the street make the whole ‘group’ of ‘young people’ look bad.

This doesn’t help as people think every young person you come across will hurt you or cause trouble. This has resulted in trust of any teenager has been evaporated so you are making it hard for us to do anything and say we don’t deserve anything that we should work for it, so we do and you still say life is too easy for us and we don’t face any challenges. If you were to live in our shoes I am sure your opinion will change. Life isn’t easy for the all of us. Majority have to work and work hard for what they get.

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