Life Lessons

6 June 2019

People only get somewhere, in this world, if they have something to offer. I have a couple of things I can offer. I have lived in the same town my whole life. Ever since I was a little kid Oak Lawn has been my home. I have had a roof over my head, food to eat, and parents who love me as well as each other. For this I am very fortunate and thankful. However life was not always great. The entire time I was in grammar school I was one of the kids that did not have a whole lot of friends; instead I was treated like a fool. I was also never challenged enough and found myself bored with school and life. However the whole experience taught me many lessons and helped me find two critical skills that will impact my life forever. I learned to show compassion to all people, and I learned how to make time for any activity. When I was made fun of I would imagine myself in the place of judgment of which my peers stood. When I saw myself there I always felt compassion and respect for people. When I would find myself bored I would try and pack more into my day, making use of my time and always having room to do more. I went many before and after school sports and many of the clubs that were offered as well. I can handle any amount of challenges and it is because I have grown stronger through my experiences.

Since the time I walked into elementary school until the time I left elementary school, I was a scapegoat and a verbal punching bag. Through the torment I received by my peers I also received a very special gift. I learned to communicate with others and treat them like equals. I was treated like dirt for the amusement of my peers until the end of grammar school. This time in my life was trying and made me dread going to school every morning. I used to feel terrible all the time and had very few enjoyable days. Through all the torment and anguish I found a silver lining. I was able to appreciate people, not for what they looked, spoke, or acted like, but for who they really were. When middle school rolled around, I was making new friends and forgetting old rivalries. By the end of middle school and the beginning of high school I had perfected my skills of communication, understanding, and befriending people. Having guided me through high school with ease, these traits are sure to lead me to a bright future. In life, making the right first impression on people is just as important as being friendly to people with authority. This very early life experience has spring boarded me ahead of the competition. Since I was already ahead of the competition I worked on my other skill, fitting things into my schedule.

Life Lessons Essay Example

Since the day I was born, I have been in constant motion and I never want to change that. I have, since I was very young, been finding things to do to keep me from becoming bored. I joined several clubs and after school sports in grammar school and despite my best efforts to spread myself thin, still found myself bored many times. When I started high school I induced an evolution in my odd addiction to keeping busy. I joined the marching band, the concert band, as well as the bowling team. Still left with many moments of sheer boredom, I decided to begin playing hockey with my friends after school. Then I joined another school band, and a hockey league. I remember driving, with my parents, to a 9 o’ clock hockey game from a 7 o’clock band concert. I was changing from my tuxedo into jeans and a hockey jersey when my parents asked, “Are you sure you want to keep doing this?” I replied quickly and simply, “Life is short so why waste time?” I was surprised at the quickness of my answer but I realize now why I did. My whole life I have felt, if I was not doing anything, I was wasting valuable time. I feel like I have a skill that lets me always have time to do what I need to do. This is valuable for my college career as well as my future career. It is important to have enough time to do what is required of us. I plan on being able to handle any work given to me.

Many years after the fact I still imagine myself in the place of judgment and I can honestly say I still feel I would treat people as equals, and as I maneuver my schedule I realize I will have time for the challenges life gives me and I will never be bored again. I know that many people in my situation would not be able to find a positive about the experience that is my life, but I am not like other people. I constantly work toward a better future and try to better myself every day. I handle myself well and do not get discouraged easily. In failure, I find a success and this has transformed me into a potentially great person.

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