”Life of Pi” Story Essay Sample

9 September 2017

“Life of Pi” is about this male child called Pi. who is the boy of a zookeeper in India. He grew up in a menagerie and was highly happy at place larning all about the animate beings that lived around him. This male child. who is a Hindu. found himself attracted to Islam and Christianity every bit good. so he practiced 3 faiths at the same clip. When Pi’s father decided to go forth India. Pi’s household. along with some animate beings from the menagerie. boarded a lading ship edge for Canada. Unfortunately. the ship sank. Pi was the lone human subsister on a lifeboat. and his lone comrades were a zebra with a broken leg. a hyaena. an Pongo pygmaeus and a tiger called Richard Parker. The sixteen-year-old male child watched as the animate beings fought each other for survival and of class. merely he and the tiger were left.

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The 227 yearss spent at sea entirely with the tiger tested Pi’s physical art. rational bravery and religious doggedness. Finally. both Pi and the tiger landed in Mexico and survived.

At the beginning of the book. Pi claims that this narrative is one that will “make you believe in God” . Well. this book doesn’t precisely do me believe in God. but it’s the other subjects and the concluding stoping that makes this book so alone and spectacularly done.

The stoping of the narrative reveals another narrative. and intimations to the audience that the full 250+ pages of escapade before that was merely a figment of Pi’s imaginativeness. and that the existent narrative was something even darker and more tragic. When Pi was interviewed for his amazing experience. the interviewers did non believe his narrative. Thus. Pi recounted another version. In this narrative. the four residents of the lifeboat are Pi. his female parent. a cook and a crewman. The crewman had broken his leg jumping into the lifeboat. and the cook cuts the leg off and attempts to utilize it as come-on for fish. The crewman dies and the cook eats him. Pi and his female parent. both horrified. seek to halt him. The cook kills Pi’s female parent and shortly after. Pi fights the cook and kills him. He eats the cook and survived.

There were numerical analogues drawn between the narrative with the animate beings and the narrative without. The zebra represents the crewman and the hyaena embodies all the revolting qualities of the cook. The orang-utan represents Pi’s ain female parent. And the tiger is Pi himself. barbarous. inactive. alert. greedy. independent. and wild. Both versions of the story—with and without animals—are feasible. and Pi ne’er tells us which narrative is true.

This unfastened stoping is what makes this narrative truly attractive – how it is possible that worlds alter and embroider the truth to do it more acceptable. Personally. I believe the version of the narrative without animate beings is really the truth because Pi seemed to suggest in the last few chapters that he made up the full narrative to get by with the shocking world. and merely storytelling has the power to draw him up from the deepnesss of desperation and deliverance him from the traumatizing experience.

This book might look like an ordinary escapade narrative with juicy descriptions and really piquant inside informations but what makes this narrative is the concealed subject at the terminal of the narrative. about how the human capacity for imaginativeness and innovation is a mechanism for self-preservation. The narrative of the tiger is far-fetched. but prosecuting and even pleasant. The other version. on the other manus. is highly disconcerting and tragic. It reveals our innate carnal nature and our baser inherent aptitude to kill in order to last. something that we worlds do non like to acknowledge about ourselves.

Life of Pi is decidedly an first-class read and I recommend all of you to pick this book up to happen out for yourself which is the “better story” .

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