Life of Pi

9 September 2016

Until the Mathematics lesson, Pin resorted to stunt. He memorized up to hundreds of digits of the mathematic constant Pi and wrote them all on three blackboards. This shocked all the schoolmates and even teachers. Since then no one bullied Pi anymore. From this, we can see that Pi is a courageous, intelligent and tough boy. He was brave enough to stand in front of everyone and to introduce his new name once. He was also a very smart and clever boy as he could memorize approximately hundreds of digits of Pi.

Although his schoolmates bullied him, he didn’t give up and pull himself together. He was a resolute person and his character helped him face adversity later in his life. I learnt to be a sturdy and brave person. When we face difficulties or adversity, we should not give up easily and feel discouraged. We must view things from different perspectives and try to use different methods to solve the problems. Besides, positive thinking is very important too and we must not escape from the reality.

Life of Pi Essay Example

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