Life of the marine engineer

7 July 2016

Why did you become interested in Marine Engineering? Answer: This is my first choice. A practical course not only at sea base but also in land base. 2- Have you always wanted to be a marine engineering? What made you became a marine engineer? Answer : Yes, i always wanted to be a marine engineer because you will learn many things not only mechanical but also some skills. 3 –What is the best part of your job? Answer: Overhauling and trouble shooting because it is challenging. 4- What task does your specific job involve? Answer: More in mechanical job and operate machines.

5- What physical condition must you be in? Answer- You must be always physically fit and mental allert. 6- Would you recommend this career to any student? Answer: Yes, i will tell them the practicality of this course marine engineering. 7- Do you have any tips or advice on becoming a marine engineer? Answer: To be a marine engineer you must be hardworking, have work ethics, patient, discipline,initiative and continous learning. 8- How long have you been a marine engineer? Answer: 8 years 9-How much time do you spend on ships? Answer: That depends on the company or the type of work.

Life of the marine engineer Essay Example

Generally, as an officer, you get one day off the ship for everyday worked. Right now i work 14 weeks away working on a ship, then I go home for 14 weeks. 10- Do you design new equipment for ships? Answer: Currently no. I work on a cruise ship on the operational side of things, so just maintaining the machine is a big enough job. We always have some improvements to machines designs or processes but these are usually minor in nature. Engineering Disasters Humankind has achieved great engineering feats, from underwater tunnels to skyscrapers, yet for all its intelligence, it is still far from infallible.

We often hear news of engineering disasters and they are bound to happen because like humans, technology too is evolving and it is not perfect. Engineering disasters occur because of flaws in design, human error, and certain uncontrollable situations. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred because of deficiencies in the design and not sticking to guidelines. On the other hand, the World Trade Center’s internal structure failure was not because of debris load, but the collapse was caused by fire alone.

While constructing a building, tunnel, or a bridge, engineers always plan and design considering few important aspects that could affect the engineering structure in the real-time. For instance, a bridge would be designed considering traffic density for the next ten or fifteen years, earthquake loads, and hydrostatic pressure. Now it is not possible for a human mind to plan and design for unseen situations that might arrive in the future. No one would have expected the World Trade Center to collapse because of excessive heating despite the presence of fireproof systems well in place.

Through this guide to engineering disasters, we will discuss some of the not so popular engineering disasters of the recent times and look also at recorded human responses when things suddenly go badly wrong. Failed Bridges Across the World Bridge failures affect our connectivity, and if the bridge fails at a remote location, places might be isolated from the main land or other regions for a long period of time. For instance, the Tay Bridge in Scotland was destroyed when a violent storm hit the bridge. Its destruction was due to design failure as well as problems with construction.

We have listed a few articles here that cast light on the cause and effect of failed bridges. Does anybody knows hows life of a marine engineer on ship? Life aboard a large seagoing vessel is a lot of work. As a licensed mariner I’m sure he is working 4 hours on watch and 8 hours off, plus whatever overtime he has to work everyday. Life at sea becomes very routine, you stand your watch, you work your ot, you nap, shower, eat, stand watch, and repeat. Depending on the type of vessel he sails aboard will dictate how busy he is when the ship pulls into a port.

With the invention of the shipping container, ships are rarely in port for more than 24 hours. Shipping has become extremely efficient, and usually it’s offload, onload, gas up, restock the galley and good bye. If his vessel is not equipped with the internet then it will be very pricey to make telephone calls via satellite telephone. When the ship is inport he may not have the time to find a phone, or a stamp. Just as sailing isn’t for everyone, having a relationship with a sailor isn’t for everyone. You need to trust each other implicitly. Ultimately, you need to trust him, and he needs to trust you; bottomline.

Additionally, you have to be strong and independent while he is gone and enjoy the time you get to spend with him while he is home. From a woman’s perspective… life at sea is not the romantic lifestyle you see watching old movies… it’s hard work, and it is very difficult on relationships, friendships, and on the person who is gone. He may not call or write you often but I can almost guarantee he is thinking of you more than you are of him. It’s a hell of a lot lonelier out there for him, than it is for you… you have friends and family around you, he has shipmates.

Some of his shipmates can be his best friends and some may be his worst enemy. All I can say is, if you love him and want to be with him then offer the best support you can to him, appreciate that he is working his butt off, and don’t let some other schmuck tempt you away from him just because he is gone a few months at a time. Trust me it’s not all that glamorous at sea… He is working aboard a vessel that is moving a commodity from A to B, making sure all systems are working and fixing things when they break, he’s not out there catering to supermodels… chances are there are less than 3 females on his ship, if that many.

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