Life or Death

2 February 2017

What values appear to be driving the doctors and nurses in the hospitals to treat heart attack patient? To treat the heart attack patients, doctors and nurses need to work as teamwork because in this kind of situation, speed is the most important in restoring the blood flow to reduce the amount of damage to heart muscle.

We are talking about people life; therefore teamwork is needed to work very fast. Flexibility, hard worker, honest, communication and ethics are very important values when treating heart attack patients.Patients with this case need a sensitive care because of the risk of the situation. Generally, all the values stated above is very important on hospital culture, any smallest mistakes may cost the life of patients, therefore the team must function together so it be rewarded with the quality performance and they can dealt with the setbacks. 2. Why must a person’s work habits match the team culture in the hospital depicted above? The key features of employees success is shows in how closely the individual work habit matches the culture in which they is employed.Success in this research is defined both productively and long entry.

Life or Death Essay Example

Understanding the culture is important in making the best hiring, assignment and retention decision. We know, even one small individual mistake may cost a life of a patient, therefore the person must work with team in homogeneous way to make sure the safety of patient life as it said many mind is better than one mind. 3. What types of events could change or alter the strong team culture in the hospitals depicted above? Each of the hospital had explicit commitment to reduce delays throughout the process.Senior management support for quality improvement efforts, innovative protocol and flexibility in refining those protocols and collaborative team across nursing, cardiology and emergency services real-time data feedback to measure success and an organizational culture that made hospital resilient to setback. Any kind of changes in above event may affect the hospital culture either positive or negative. For example, if the management change and focus on the soul of team this will lead to strong team culture.

On the other hand, if the management change and focus on individual efforts, this may lead to weak team culture.

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