Life Style Inventory (Lsi)

3 March 2017

Part I: Personal Thinking Styles My primary thinking style is dependent. This style fell into the high range of the LSI Style Circumplex with a 96 percentile score. Dependent thinking style is originates in a need for security and self-protection: dependent people typically feel that they have very little control over their lives. This type of behavior may be long-standing, or due to temporary life changes such as a new job, a promotion, an illness, or the break-up of a close relationship.

When dependent behavior occurs as a result of a temporary life change, the feelings of dependency tend to diminish as the particular situation is resolved. I feel that the result for dependent style is that the dependent person tend to feel helpless in one or more areas of life, and may believe that their effort makes little difference. They generally allow others to control too much of what they do, and tend to feel overwhelmed and threatened most of the time because they tends to view things in terms of how it affect them this will then leads to misinterpret other people action and be particularly vulnerable to mistreatment by others.

Life Style Inventory (Lsi) Essay Example

To protect themselves, they will generally let others call the shots, and avoid threatening or challenging anyone. I agree to some extent that I am like this, because I am very sensitive to people’s feeling and their reaction; therefore, I tends to let them do things that they want to do and not argued, I usually go along with the crow and agreed to thing easily. I always put others before myself. I do not really rely on my own judgment most of the time because I always tend to doubt myself.

I am always on high alert, I do not want to get hurt; therefore, this style of thinking prevent me from setting my own goals or being a risk taker. I am always stressing and depressed most of the time because feel useless. I always feel depending upon my husband for direction in life, even though it is my life. Everything I do in life, I do not believe that it count very much, feeling helpless and weak. I can not see “no” to anyone who need my help or need anything from me. I always do what is expected of me.

My back up thinking style is avoidance. This style also fell in the high range of the LSI style circumflex with a 94 percentile. The avoidance style is characterized self-doubting and self-blaming, feel overwhelmed by circumstances, recently experienced something traumatic or disappointing, preoccupied with own concerns, have difficulty establishing relationships, uncomfortable discussing feeling, having difficulty making decisions, lack initiative and have few strong interests. Which is all true of myself.

I am very hard on myself, when I make a mistake, it is very difficult for me to forgive myself because I will always remember that mistake and fear to make the same mistake over again because I am scare of failure. I am always doubting myself. I agree with the result of this LSI style because avoidance style is what I think of myself, a “withdrawal” person. I tends to hide my feeling, by shying away from situations that I find threatening. I always have a strong feeling that need to protect myself by steering clear of anything that threatens me.

I tends to do thing that I am more comfort with and tends to not try new things. The style is characterized by a strong tendency to deny responsibility for one’s own behavior, feeling a guilt over real or imagined mistakes, fear of failure, a preoccupation with one’s own concerns, and lack of self-disclosure that eventually leads to emotional isolation. Your LSI Styles Profile PositionStyleScorePercentile 1Humanistic-Encouraging3263 2Affiliative2120 3Approval2390 4Conventional2083 5Dependent2996 6Avoidance1894 7Oppositional1484 8Power965 9Competitive2187 10Perfectionistic2050 1Achievement3257 12Self-Actualizing2021 Your LSI Styles Circumplex My limiting style identifies and illustrate the one style that I think maybe working against me that reduces my overall effectiveness is my dependent thinking style. I choose the dependent style because this style limit my way of thinking. It show that I am weak and always needed other for guide, I can not think for myself. I wanted to changed that because I make decision on my own and be able to have my voice be heard. I wanted to have self-respect, I want to be able to feel accomplishment.

I wanted to show that I could make decision and not to feel helplessness. I want to learn new things, which would help me acquire new skill to help recognize that would effort counts, and may reduce my feeling of helplessness. I must realize to trust my own judgment, and demonstrate that I believe in myself by being more outspoken and speak up in groups. I want to have a sense of control over my own life, be able to relax around other people. Have to freedom to be myself, reduced symptoms of stress. When I am able to accomplish that then I would be able to relax and have more faith in myself.

Part II: Impact On Management Style The impact of the dependent style can have an impact on my management style. The ability to manage individuals and be an effective leader in very important in today business world. Managers have to perform many roles in an organization and how they handle various situations will depend on their style of management. A management style is an overall method of leadership used by a manager. It is important to have management style to define who I am, because I have to have a strong management style in order to fully run a business.

If a person running a business, do not know what they are doing and do not have management skill, then the employees would look down upon the employer. The impact of my personal styles affect the four functions of management of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in many different ways. Planning is define as a sets of objectives and identifies the actions needed to achieve them (1). I associate the planning with Self-Actualizing style because this kind of style tends to balance concern for getting the job done with consideration for people and their needs.

I wanted to be able to see possibilities and opportunities in most situation and not be afraid to speak my mind and let me decision be heard. This style encourage working together within an organization. I score on the low range with self-actualizing because I am scared. I am scared to grow and always limited myself. I dissatisfied myself and therefore always have negative thought toward my own self. I always look back in the past, never look toward the future. Organizing is the dividing up tasks and arrange resources to accomplish them (1). This is very important for a manager.

Being a manager, you must be able to be fair and divide job evenly among all employee without playing favored. For this, I associate with humanistic-encouraging style because I score within a medium range which show that I am concern for others and can be supportive of them. I tends to encourage people in their efforts to improve, people see me as a person they could turn to for help. Being a manager, I must be able to always be positive and fair to my employee and not give up on anything, but always must think positive and encourage employee to do their best.

Leading is to creates enthusiasm to work hard to accomplish tasks successfully (1). This is also associate with humanistic style because in order to lead a team, you must be kind and fair. You must be able to be optimism regarding what people can do, must be able to nurturing approaches to relationship. Willing to assist others and motivate them. You be understanding and be able to lead your team because you are a leader, you must take care of your team. Controlling is monitors performance and takes any needed corrective action (1).

For this I associate it with power, but I score a medium range for it, the desire for control may sometimes interfere with my efforts to direct others. I will be in more control when in stressful situation. I like to be in control of things and have everything outline for me because that help me see where I am heading to. I don’t like to do things out of a sudden, that scared me. Part III: Genesis of Personal Styles I was always the quite one in my family, while growing up I don’t tend to argued with anyone. I always go along with everyone decision.

I grow up as a middle child in the family, my voice was never heard, also being a girl in an Asian family. I was taught to always listen and do what I was told, never question anyone. Whatever, I did I could never out do my brother; he always have a bigger piece of the pie. I learn early in live that my role is the family is not important. Therefore, I tends to withdrawal from everything and hide my feeling from everyone. I feel hopeless and depressed, I don’t feel respected or important. Part IV: Conclusion and Reflection In conclusion, my LSI result, my personal style falls within high to medium ranges.

It seems that I do now posses different style because I am either a passive/defensive or aggressive/defensives style. One style that I would like to work more is with the avoideance and dependent because if I could lower those two done then I might have a better self esteem and may have a balance style. I would also wanted to work on my self-actualizing and afflictive style too. Knowing my result, I would be able to see what I am weak in and what I am strong in. This help me become a better person then I know what I need to work on to better myself.

This assignment had help me have a more in-depth on myself and see what is holding me back from doing things. By doing this assignment, it had help me see and be able to build myself. Nothing can be done overnight, therefore, knowing what I need to work upon then I would be able to work hard to change it. References: 1. Schermerhorn, John. R. Jr. , Hunt, James G. , Osborne, Richard N. & Uhl-Bien, Mary. (2011) Organizational Behavior 11th Edition. Danvers, MA. John Wiley & Sons. Life Styles Inventory. (1987-2011). Human Synergistics, Inc. http://www. survey-server2. com/lsiuniversity-sso/pers_report. asp

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