Lifebuoy Soap Advertisement

1 January 2017

In 1944, propaganda of World War II in America was almost part of daily pop culture; ranging from product advertisements to comic strips, it was all the rage in most parts of the United States. Many times propaganda would sway two opposite directions: pro-war and anti-war. Multiple mediums were used during this time to be more persuasive. Also using models, iconic symbols, and appealing colors and structured texts would help the sway of the audience (War, Propaganda…).

There were multiple magazines during this time which allowed plenty of audiences to be confronted with propaganda ideas. A lot of these magazines provided products supporting troops and the war effort. For instance, the Lifebuoy Soap Advertisement starring Nancy Lee to the right of the advertisement in black and white, soaking in a bath tub surrounded by soap suds. She’s beautiful, eye catching, and in big, bold, black letters referring to “sailors” and how Lifebuoy gets rid of “B. O. ”( 2012 Paperdoll Convention).

Lifebuoy Soap Advertisement Essay Example

It is not a straightforward ad for propaganda, but it did support the war effort through product investment within the military. This advertisement medium was used as a magazine article in probably multiple naval magazines such as: “Our Navy Magazine” and “Our Army Magazine”. These magazines were typically distributed to the public and to the soldiers as informative about the American armed forces (The Future of our Past). When you would open one of these brilliantly colored magazines, you would probably read about the war front and the service. You would also get information about products being used by soldiers and sailors.

This is where a lot of the war support would come from; the products being sold to support and help the troops. There are plenty of argumentative appeals to the audience, being the general troops and men who would want to join the service looking at the Lifebuoy soap advertisements. For instance, it would appeal greatly to pathos because of the use of a comic to the left and a beautiful model on the right. Her mischievous smile leaves the eyes to want more, and the comic would leave a nostalgic sense of what home would be like for the young men overseas.

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