Lifelong learning

8 August 2016

SlovakiaFirstly, I would like to explain what lifelong learning is. Lifelong learning is a process of systematic learning to gain new knowledge and skills. Persons aged from 25 to 64 (and more) who are receiving education or trainings are participated in this process. It can take place in the workplace, at the University of the Third Age or somewhere else in case you are interested in personal development. Education and lifelong learning play important role in economic and social aspects of our life. The European Union is funding Lifelong Learning Programme for all of its countries.

I found data for this presentation at the website of european statistics called Eurostat. This vertical bar graph shows us (on the vertical axis) percentage of working people from european countries (which are mentioned on the horizontal axis) participated in lifelong learning in 2002 (which represents green colour) and ten years later – in 2012 (which is shown in blue).

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As you can see – the only deterioration during last ten years came in Switzerland. I would like to draw your attention to northern european countries as Denmark, Finland, Sweden or Iceland.

There is the highest lifelong learning standard and the other european counties (Czech republic included) have a great possibility to learn from their experiences and knowledge. This fluctuating line graph represents comparison between lifelong learning situation in Czech republic and Denmark in last ten years (which are shown in blue and green colour). The reason of visible increase in our country in 2007 was the start of Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union. While almost twenty percent inhabitants of Denmark go to work after primary education, their system gives great importance to practical vocational training.

As I said, the Czech republic, and also a big number of the other european countries, have to come a long way to increase their lifelong learning standards. In my opinion, the situation of lifelong learning in the future will be stable or there will be an edge up. Will you stop to learn when you will get your University degree? What do you think? The best way to make sure that you will have a great future is to invest your energy and time to your personal development. You can start right now. And you will never stop, because lifelong learning is a magical elixir…

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