Lifestyle Values and Marketing Strategy

4 April 2015
An analysis of the Marlboro cigarettes advertising strategy and how the company created its manly image.

A look at how companies pitch their products to appeal to their customers’ lifestyles. Theories of marketing and advertising strategies are examined. The Marlboro Cigarette company’s advertising pitch of the Marlboro Man is analyzed in order to understand the link between products and lifestyles.
“There are two significant steps how a customer decides whether he or she will buy the product or not. First, the product has a strong appeal if it is a primary need of the customer for its literal function. Second, customers will buy the product if they find their value or lifestyle is related to it; this one is that the product makers mostly will encourage to boosting the sales. Advertisement should be designed effectively to bring the product value to the primary need of the customers, as if they really need it, by exploiting the different side of customers’ life, then finding catchy lines to persuade them (in seconds) to improve their style, to get more acknowledgment, or to be like the man on TV.”
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