Lil Boat 2 by Lil Yachty

7 July 2019

Starting in music career back in 2 years ago with hair that looks like Flaming Hot Cheetos, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty a.k.a Miles McCollum has bounces with the greatest of ease. 2 years ago in 2016, Lil Yachty released his first album Lil Boat for the Capitol- and Motown-affiliated independent DJ group Quality Controls. Since the Mixtape such as “Minnesota” along with “One Night” makes into the Billboard’s Hot R/Hip-Hop chart and reached #30.

But skipping ahead this year is much cooler for everyone to listen to, his 4th album, Lil Boat 2, comes out in March of 2018. Rapping about being broke, money, girls, and more, I realize that Lil Yachty is rapping about being so broke and something that is wrong with him. But for his songs featuring plenty of good rappers, I will like to show you a few of great songs that will make you want to pin your heart at his tunes.

Lil Boat 2 by Lil Yachty Essay Example


The first song is always my favorite. The song, “she ready” featuring Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock is doubtfully one of the greatest songs of my entire life. You know, the beat is like a flute, but with rap, the beat of the music is really cool. This song reminds me of song that my friends and I play but with many girls at this point, but this song talks about money, drugs, girls, and other. I know that this is the 2nd most popular song of this album according to Spotify, but for this song, it feels like a song that almost looks like a band rap music.

Another song is outstanding, fan-favorite, and one of the album’s popular song. Yachty released the song in both pops Today’s Top Hits and hip-hop RapCaviar, the song “66” is another example of a great song. And it was also featuring singer, but with one rapper. “66” is featured, you know it, Trippie Redd. Yeah, Trippie Redd. The guy who behind the song “Dark Knight Dummo” and “Poles 1469” and “Bust Down” but this song from Trippie and Yachty is one of a lifetime. Amazing beat and lyrics. But I want to tell those singers if they want to make an official video. That will be awesome.

A funny, extraordinary, and a prominent song that will make me laugh. The song “COUNT ME IN” by Yachty is hilarious. I saw the official video of the song and it set up in the desert, somewhere around the U.S. I guess. Paintball, Skateboarding, Gangs, and stuff, that is what you call a great song but impropriate for schools and children. But one problem that rolled my eyes. During the official video, Lil Yachty hanging out with his gang and friends at the trailer, but where did this little rapper, Bhad Bhabie, come from? She came out of the trailer, sitting down behind Lil Yachty, and staring at the camera. Anyways this song is humorous and his lyrics as well. He said this, “She said, ‘it’s sweet’, she said, ‘it’s sweet, just like nectar'”. After that, he said this, “I walk around the city of Atlanta with a Vector.” Those lyrics is really jokey, but the entire of the song is awesome.

I know there’s a lot of songs in this album, “MICKEY” featuring Offset of Migos and underrated rapper Lil Baby, “NBAYOUNGBOAT” featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again (although he’s broken during the song), and the song “BOOM!” But the last song of this album that I love was “BABY DADDY” featuring Lil Pump and Offset. This song is calm and pleasurable, but the lyrics are not common at all but still funny. That song is amazing for some reason, because of the lyrics, the beat, and the tense of the song, and that’s why this song reminds me of my mom calling me “baby.” The lyric that rolled my eye is this, “Your baby daddy so broke, you hit the plug for a free line of coke.” You mean that coke was a drug or even a soda that make you wanna get sick? After that, it this, “I’m thirty deep, with the whole gang, pull up we bringin’ the pain.” This song looks like Lil Yachty wants to fight with someone that messing with him. After the end of the song, this is one of people’s favorite song in his album, and thus next year, he will release Lil Boat 3.

Lil Boat 2 is a great album. With funny lyrics, great beat, the tense, the gangs, drug, girls, cars, and others are one reason why is this a fan-favorite album. The tunes are nice, the featuring singers are awesome, and the official video of the song “COUNT ME IN” is fantastic. If this song reaches the number 1 debuted album on the Billboard 200, I will offer you a new boat.

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