Lil Wayne

7 July 2019

Lil Wayne is considered to be one of the best Rappers in the world. Wayne has made hit after hit. Wayne’s newest album is Tha Carter III. Lil Wayne mixes both Hip hop and Rap, Which makes his music even better.
Some of his greatest hits would be β€œMr. Carter, Phone Home, Lollipop, The Sky Is the Limit, Mrs. Officer, A Millie, Playing with Fire, and many more. Wayne is not a new artist. Actually his first album, The Block Is Hot, come out in 1999. Wayne was only 17 at that time. Wayne’s other albums are, β€œThe Carter II, and Lights Out.
In my opinion Wayne’s songs and Lyrics are very good. But they usually are offensive and have lots of bad words. But Wayne sure makes some good hits, and his beats are hot! Have you ever listened to them? I have never heard any beats like his.

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I would personally rate Wayne a 3 out of 5 because, there are good things and bad things about him about him. One good thing is that you are entertained when ever you listen to his music. One bad thing is that, the songs he writes have bad words. In my opinion Wayne is a very good rapper. If he wasn’t then why would he have the nickname Weezy?
I would recommend his kind of music to someone who wants to become a rapper, or if you just like his type of music. I like him a lot, and I hope you will.

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