Lil Wayne- Is he really what you think he is ?

12 December 2019

The artist many know him by is Lil Wayne and I’m sure many know of his new song “Got Money” featuring T-pain and Mack Maine. At the beginning of the video Lil Wayne his father known as Bird Mann and the other singer / rappers are planning a plan to rob a bank.Of course when my parents first saw the video they disapproved right away.Once they figured out that the money they got from the bank they where all robbing was for the people who were well in need of money after the hurricane Katrina. Of course this was the wrong way to go about get the money for the cause , they were saying to the younger media that people arent trying hard enough to give to the cause so they had to take ther own action by how they would handle the situation . Many people get the idea that they where just teaching young children my age to rob banks and steal from others . Many of the words in the song were explicit and not made for younger children , but the idea was to tell the younger media to take matters in there own hands and not to wait for others to navigate them to do it. I do agree they should have went about it in a different matter other then robbing a banks and forcing people to do it.That goes to show you that,robbing banks in a music video has to get our attention to care about others in there time of need. =]

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