Lil Wayne the Carter III

6 June 2019

Lil Wayne is a very talented artist. He made an awesome album and I think ha did very well on it. The first single:”Lollipop”, made a great hit and was loved by many all over. The best thing about this C-D is the melodic lyrics and out standing beats. I also think that this artist is talented because, to me nobody can do it like he can; he’s one of a kind.

I like the songs, “Got Money”, “You Ain’t Got Nuthin on Me”, and “Lollipop”. These are my favorite songs because of the beats. I focus on the beats and the lyrics of songs.

There are a few popular songs on this C-D. The one I recommend to any one who loves empowering lyrics and beats, should listen to the track “You Ain’t Got Nuthin’ on Me.” I would recommend this to any one who likes empowering lyrics and beats because what he says makes sense to me, and to other’s who like Lil Wayne’s style of music should hear that song. “Got Money” part of the cash money records was a huge hit. This song to me means that this artist likes people to know how much money he has. I think that Lil Wayne’s song “Got Money” featuring T-pain, made one of the most popular songs on this track because of mostly the lyrics. The beat was okay but I say the lyrics were better. “Lollipop” more of a personal song that I think was the best. This song explains what he does probably in his own time and that he wants to express his feelings for how he feels about it. “Let the Beat Build” has to be one of best songs on this C-D too. This song had a chorus and had a hot beat to it. I think lyrics couldn’t have been better. I like this song because it reminds me of nice warm days at home with family.

Compared to other artists Lil Wayne is completely different. He is so different because his hit songs can’t be compared to other artists. Any one can agree that he is not the best person alive, but one of the best rappers alive.

Overall I love this artist. Lil Wayne is my favorite rap artist out there. This artist has made many of accomplishments in this C-D the Carter III. This artist has received eight Grammy award nominations. With a rating of a eight out of ten.

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