Prom Night The ringing of my alarm clock woke me up; I reached for It to make It stop. Still In my bed, I began to stretch a bit. I barely slept the night before, I was to excite for prom. It was already late Thursday morning, the sun was gleaming through my windows and I knew I had a lot to get done. My mom entered my room “It’s prom day! ” she squealed. She seemed more excited about my prom than I was. “C’mon get up, you need to get your hair, nails and makeup done! ” I got out of bed and began to start my day. While taking a shower, hot water beating against my skin, I planned out my day.

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Everything seemed perfect, Just the way I wanted it to be. Stepping out of my house, I felt the humidity smack me in my face; this wasn’t a good sign at all. I quickly grabbed my phone to check the weather. Eighty-five degrees? I knew there wasn’t anything I could have done to change the weather, I Just had to cross my fingers and hoped that my hair wasn’t going to become frizzy My day started out with getting my nails done, then my hair, then my makeup. Being the Impatient person that I am, I couldn’t help becoming anxious, I couldn’t wait to get all these things done with.

Even though, I did enjoy the feeling of getting pampered. During my preparation for prom, I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to do. The smell of hairspray, nail polish and makeup filled the atmosphere. My hands were shaking and sweating, my heart was beating so fast, and it was like I was running in an Olympics. Why was I so nervous? Oh yeah, I remember prom was two hours away! I decided to text my date to get my mind off my nervous tendencies. My date was my boyfriend. For him, it was his second prom. He had graduated a year before me so all the excitement for him was alreadylong gone.

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He reassured me that this night was going to be everything I expected It to be. While slipping into my long, Ivory, rhinestone dress. I took a look In the mirror, put my earrings on and smile. I was satisfied with the way I looked. I looked overto my prom ticket, written In Italics I read ” Congratulations you have been Invited to the Bronx Lab Senior Prom” It was a Lass Vegas theme prom the colors in the invitation was black, purple and gold. So I could’ve only picture how the hall was going to look. I looked at my phone again it was almost four- thirty.

My prom wasn’t the typical prom, my date didn’t come home to pick me up, and I wanted to do things differently. So instead my girlfriends and I rented a limo and pick our dates up from their house, but before we could have done that we all had to meet up, which was my friends house, Jennifer. While my mom drove me over there, I had the air conditioner on blast. I wasn’t going to risk becoming sweaty. The anxiety started to build up. My mom started giving me the lecture that every parent gave his or her child on prom night. Of course I reassured her that there was nothing she had to Orr about.

As we arrived to Snifter’s house, being the girls that we were all I heard were Joyful screams and ” Oh my god, you look so beautiful! ” We then took a million and one pictures and waited for the limo to arrive. As soon as the long, white, stretched limo arrived I called my date, “hey, I’ll see you in a few”. He just responded wanted it to be. When we arrived the guys were all there, they looked so handsome with their suits on. I looked at my date “hey handsome” he smiled. Mimi look beautiful”, he said. The look in his eyes told me that he wasn’t lying.

After that we kook even more pictures and started heading to prom, we were going to be an hour late but we didn’t mind. The limo ride had to be the most enjoyable part of prom; everyone seemed so happy and filled with excitement. We were really loud, because the limo driver had to ask us to quite down. Pulling up to the doors of prom, it looked like a red carpet event and we were the celebrities, stepping out of the limo I tripped on my dress, but when I looked up I saw every couple getting their picture taken and I couldn’t stop smiling.

Stepping through the door, that familiar smell creeps through y mind and I can’t refrain from grinning from ear to ear. As I take my next step, my heart pounds and my head goes numb with a sense of bliss and satisfaction I will soon be experiencing what I waited for four years for. The hall was the exact colors that were on ticket, balloons everywhere, long streamers hanging from the ceiling, it was as if we were really in Lass Vegas. Dancing with some of my best friends, dressing up in my long ivory dress, eating some of the most wonderful food and riding in a white stretch limousine, was everything I wanted my prom to be.

Prom was a magical experience that fulfilled my wildest fantasies and it exceeded all my expectations. While slow dancing with my date, it was Just like in the movies where the guy wrapped his arms around the girls waist and she slung her arms over his shoulder, then they waddled slowly together while slowly rotating, looking into each others eyes. He looked me in the eyes and we stared at each other until the song ended and finished with a kiss, it was the most romantic thing ever, and it’s a constant memory that replays in my head over and over again.

Next to your wedding date the most important thing that a young woman looks forward to is her senior prom. Prom and of course graduating are the most important things to any high school teenager. You plan months in advanced and spend hundreds of dollars for something that will last only four hours. But it’ll be the best four hours that would’ve ever invested in. Prom is not Just a dance but also the last event that you and your graduation class will ever share. Prom will forever have a lifelong impact on your life. My prom turned out to be the one of the greatest memories in my senior year.

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