Lincoln Movie Response

Lincoln Response Paper There is a lot that happened in the movie last week. Overall I liked it. It was interesting to see what it was like back then. Some of my favorite parts are where Lincoln tells his stories. I was watching it and paid attention to how he said it. In that very soft and slow tone, he told the members, with almost no emotion until the endings. If I remember right Lincoln woke some of his employees up around three a. m. to try to decide if he should pardon a young man who took off instead of Joining the war. They were going to hang a 16 year old for being scared.

That was also another thing that thought was interesting. I looked up some reviews on the movie this weekend and saw that in some way it distorted history. Those people who said that weren’t alive when all of this happened so how would they know what happened or didn’t happen. I don’t know why people would dislike this movie, in my eyes it is one of the best historical movies I have ever seen. Also I was not alive when this happened either but I believe that these actions showed were true. Political tactics plays a huge part in the government.

There are many things you can do like bribery or straight up overpowering and Just winning arguments. Lincoln bribed men with Jobs. In doing this those men would cast their vote the way Lincoln wanted. If he didn’t use a little deception to sway those that would have never passed the amendment, where would we be today? Another thing he did was to please the people. There were people who were very against owning slaves. They thought it wasn’t fair to the blacks. Lincoln didn’t Just say “I want it now! like a little baby. He took everything one step at a time and never got ahead of himself.

As my grandpa says “Don’t be counting your chickens before they hatch! ” Lincoln convinced them that ratifying the amendment would force the south into surrendering. This didn’t work however. Lincoln said that southern voters would be unlikely to ratify this amendment, passing it and ratifying it before the war ended was needed. Although he hated slavery, Lincoln recognized how most of the northern people felt about slavery when he took office. He made the primary purpose f the war effort to end the rebellion and preserve the union of the states.

Lincoln had to convince thousands of northern soldiers to be willing to fight and possibly die to end slavery. He also had to convince the northern public that freedom for the slaves was worth the sacrifice of the lives of their sons and fathers. He then had to convince the northern congressional democrats to go against their own reluctance to end slavery. He had to do all of this in the course of the most costly war the nation would ever endure. I feel Thaddeus Stephens was the most important person in the assage of the thirteenth amendment.

I feel he was a strong and honest man. He did what he could with the power he had. He also had a special way to talk to people. There was something in the way he spoke to people. Stephens was important in the passage by knowing the things he wanted had to come at a later time. Thaddeus knew this wouldn’t happen overnight. The things he wanted had to come one at a time and not all at once. Stephens was a radical republican which knew there My opinion on whether the president be able to exercise more power than congress is no.

The president has his powers and congress has their powers. There are three branches of government that balance each other out. One person shouldn’t have more power than one hundred people in the senate. I feel our country would be better off having a vote of one hundred than a vote of yes or no. One vote the other way could send our nation spiraling downwards. Who knows where we would be now if the president had more power than congress. Today it would be chaos, in the 1700s they wouldn’t know what to do because it is still so new to them.

If it was like hat today our president would be having a hay day creating new laws and rules we have to follow as the “people” of the United States. To finalize all of this Lincoln did all he could do in his power to change the minds of the opposing party. Thaddeus Stephens was a radical republican who would never back down from a fight. Our government doesn’t need to be ran under one person only, one hundred people have a better chance of making this country strive than just one individual. Lincoln was a good movie and I enjoyed watching it even though I missed the first half.

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