Linden B. Johnson

1 January 2018

During his campaign with JEFF he was also campaigning for a 3rd term in senate which he resigned from it after becoming president. On November 22 1963, Linden B. Johnson was sworn in aboard the air Force one. IN 1964 Congress passed the Civil Rights Act outlawing most forms Of racial segregation. In 1 965 Johnson passed the Voting Rights Act outlawing discrimination in voting allowing millions of southern blacks to vote for the 1st time. After the murder of Viola Luzon a civil rights worker, Johnson announced on TV the arrest of 4 ASK members for her murder.

In 1965 LBS reposed the Great Society program giving aid to education, attack on disease, Medicare, urban renewal, beatification, conservation, development of depressed regions, a wide-scale fight against poverty, control and prevention of crime, and removal of obstacles to the right to vote. Johnson truly believed education was a cure for ignorance and poverty, in 1 965 under the Great Society program, he proposed the elementary and secondary education act (known as the ESP.)- which gave federal money to public schools for the first time. The higher education act of 1965 focused on funding for lower income students through government grants.In 1 965 Medicare which is aid to the elderly was amended to the social security act. And Medicaid gave the poor medical care. In December 1968 3 men successfully orbited the moon.

Linden B. Johnson Essay Example

Johnson expanded the number of military advisors in Vietnam. The gulf of Tontine resolution gave the president the right to use military force without the senates consent. This was enacted after the Tontine Incident which was An alleged attack (Gauge. , 1 964) by North Vietnamese gunboats against U. S. Naval forces stationed in the gulf led to increased U. S.

Involvement in the Vietnam War. L BC officially began the war with the ground involvement inVietnam. Up until 1 9688 Johnson tried to down play the war, although the deaths of American soldiers were increasing. But after the Et offensive LBS couldn’t hide the war any longer with the rest of his presidency focused on the Vietnam war. LB] died at the age of 64 from his 3rd and final heart attack. LBS will always be remembered for officially starting the Vietnam war. Setting the standards for the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

And his civil rights acts that he set in place. But more importantly he will be always remembered for his explicit scandal of puling his beagles up by the ears.

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