Lines, Vines, and Trying Times by Jonas Brothers

8 August 2019

“Even though, we get a little crazy/Even though, we get a little loud/Even though, we’re never gonna fake it…” That’s an excerpt from the Jonas Brothers’ famed song “That’s Just the Way We Roll” from their sophomore CD, “Jonas Brothers.” Prior to the mass hysteria of relentless, yet loyal fans, they had recorded a debut album entitled “It’s About Time,” that had been too intimately sold that it was discontinued. Even before the band was a mere thought, the youngest, Nicolas Jerry Jonas mounted a solo career in the music industry. Since their first taste of fame, JB has released a third album called “A Little Bit Longer,” starred in the renowned Disney Channel film, “Camp Rock,” and even landed a Disney Channel TV series, “Jonas.” The most recent release though has been of their fourth CD, “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times.”

In this CD, Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas use retro, pop, and country genres of music to appeal to several varieties of audiences, yet still staying true to their pop fan base. In “What Did I Do to Your Heart,” the Jo Bros sing, “All I ever get is attitude/Constant never ending bad mood/From you baby/What’s going on?…” with a country aura to it, flawlessly representing their new home in Texas. “Much Better” is also a new vibe for them. It’s more of an 80’s styling, plus it has a diverse emotion: getting over heartbreak. “Now I’ve got some enemies/and they’re all friends suddenly/BFFs eternally/they’re not bitter/I believe/that the road that people lead/helps you find the one you need…” they sing. Despite the new genres, pop is still involved in this CD with songs like “Hey Baby,” “Paranoid,” and “Turn Right.” “Turn Right” is an exquisite ballad, in which they exhibit emotion, and pure talent. They sing, “Turn right/into my arms/turn right/you won’t be alone. /You might (you might)/fall off this track sometimes. /Hope to see you at the finish line.” In “Hey Baby,” a more intense tack, they sing, “Please don’t ask me to go/I’m already gone/I’m already gone (home)/Please just leave me alone/ I’m already gone/I’m already gone.” Whether it’s in the pop genre or country genre, the Jonas Brothers don’t sing (or write) any of their songs half-heartedly.

Lines, Vines, and Trying Times by Jonas Brothers Essay Example

With featured artists, such as Common (a rapper featured in “Don’t Charge Me for the Crime”) and Miley Cyrus (a singer/actress featured in “Before the Storm”), fan of rap and pop may also appreciate this album. It’s amazing honesty and flawless beats are most appealing to me. I hope other writers or musicians feel inspired by this phenomenal addition to their collection of prized albums.

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